Top 10 Animated Comedies That Premiered This Century!

In a world full of boring jobs and harsh realities, who wouldn’t want their life to be a little more animated? While we can’t help you there, here are some of the 10 best animated worlds, from ‘Rick and Morty’ to ‘Delicious in Dungeon’, to immerse yourself in from this century!

Everyone needs a bit of comedy in their lives, and there is something so special about the world of televised animated comedies. The bright flashes of color alongside the perfectly timed-out bits are more than enough to make a grown man guffaw. The cheerful intro songs, the lovable character design, and the voices of your favorite characters are all things that make these shows live in our heads rent-free. In this century, series upon series have been released, which can make it difficult to narrow down the show that is right for you. This list lays out the critic’s most highly-rated animated comedies that have made their debut in the 2000s!

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is a lovable mystery revolving around the quaint town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. When twins Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive at the Mystery Shack to spend the summer with their Grunkle Stan, weird and wacky adventures await around every corner. It doesn’t take long for Dipper to come across the mysterious Journal 3 in a strange compartment in the woods and he immediately begins to unravel the hidden secrets of this town and its inhabitants. 

You may think since Gravity Falls was released on Disney Channel that it would cater to children, but it also has a ginormous adult and young adult fan base! Not only do fans love this Gravity Falls but this Alex Hirsch masterpiece has a 100% Tomatometer score and a 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes! Although Gravity Falls concluded in 2016, fans are still calling for new seasons to be created! Just as recently as June 5th, 2024, Executive Vice President of Television Animation and Disney Branded Television Meredith Roberts peeped that Gravity Falls is up for a possible revival! You can catch all the seasons of Gravity Falls currently on Disney+.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time gave us Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, two of the most well known characters of our childhood! The magical and adventurous comedy has always had a sweet spot in the heart of fans and boy do critics love it too! With a 100% Fresh Rotten Tomato score, no one can argue that Adventure Time should not be on this list! Throughout Adventure Time, Finn must fight the evils of the Land of Ooo, of course with the assistance of his stretchy and magical dog Jake! Between the colorful word-building and sly adult humor that the writers slip in, and don’t even get us started on the original Adventure Time songs, there is so much to love about Adventure Time, which has resulted in support from young and old audiences alike!

Smiling Friends

If you need short-form comedy in your life then Smiling Friends might just be your next binge-watch! Smiling Friends follows the lovable Pim and Charlie as they work as the Smiling Friends, a company that can not refuse to make those who request their assistance smile. Smiling Friends is an episodic comedy show that has entertaining plotlines and up-to-date jokes that match precisely with the chaotic nature and animation. Creators Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel, who voice Charlie and Pim, often use improv to direct their scenes and create the most out-of-pocket bits! 

If you love Pim and Charlie, then you are right there with the critics! Smiling Friends debuted in 2020, and is currently rolling out its second season! Fans can’t help but smile with Smiling Friends receiving an outstanding 97% Rotten Tomato audience score!  Catch new releases of Smiling Friends season 2 every Sunday on Adult Swim and on Max the next day!

Delicious in Dungeon

Now this might be a title that you haven’t seen before. Delicious in Dungeon is an adventurous, comedic fantasy series that follows Laios as he and his friends Marcille and Chilchuck delve into an endless dungeon in search of his fallen sister, who only has a month before she is digested by a powerful beast! These adventurers vow to eat anything they meet in order to save Laios’ sister from her oh-so-dire fate. Will they have the guts? 

Delicious in Dungeon is an anime-styled show just released in January 2024 and is now available to watch on Netflix with an English dub! With fans rating this Delicious in Dungeon at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and avid and active writers raving on the Wiki and Reddit, Delicious in Dungeon has captured a global fanbase! Don’t miss out on this deliciously humorous anime!

Regular Show

Regular Show revolves around Mordecai, a blue jay, and Rigby, a raccoon, who are just two guys who want to play video games and have some fun! Though they work as groundskeepers at the park, these two lazy dudes don’t let that interfere with them having a good time! However, they tend to face the consequences of their wacky adventures at the hands of their hot-headed gumball machine boss, Benson. Regular Show is just such a Good Show! What a Jolly Good Show! 

Regular Show is another huge hit with the fans landing a 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes! Regular Show was released back in 2010 and ran for 8 seasons and though it is labeled as Kid/Family Comedy on IMDb, Regular Show will have the whole room laughing no matter the age!

Bojack Horseman

A humanoid horse? What’s not to love? Bojack Horseman is an adult Netflix animated original series that was released in 2014 and still prevails to this day! This show follows Bojack who is “lost in a sea of self-loathing and booze”, as he mourns the cancellation of his 90’s sitcom show in which he was the adoptive father of three orphaned kids. After 18 years, he is now faced with trying to navigate the new Hollywood, but the times have changed. Who knew navigating social media could be so hard? Bojack Horseman discusses adult content such as drugs, sex, and alcohol so viewer discretion is advised! This is also one of the best shows to get you into animation if you’re looking to start. 

Bojack Horseman sits pretty at #10 of the Top Animated TV Comedy on IMDb, has a 93% Rotten Tomato score, and has a Metascore of 82! Who knew people would adore a horse who complains about everything? You can catch up on the 6 hilarious seasons of Bojack Horseman’s adventures now on Netflix!

Harley Quinn

Everyone’s favorite Daddy’s Little Monster rocks on her own show Harley Quinn, which premiered in 2019! This series follows Harley Quinn as she sets off to make it on her own in Gotham City. From confronting her past to finding new love, Harley must do whatever it takes to survive in Gotham! Harley Quinn touches on topics that may not be appropriate for younger lovers of Gotham, but the adult fans are in for a ride!

We have forever loved our girl Harley and this show is no different! Harley Quinn currently holds a 97% Rotten Tomato score, 86% on Metacritic, and 8.4 on IMDb! Catch Gotham’s monsters for seasons 1-4 of Harley Quinn on Prime Video and Max, which is also host to a slew of other DC animated shows! But do be warned, this show is not your average joyride.

Rick and Morty

You can’t have a top animated comedy of the 2000s list without mentioning the iconic intergalactic traveling duo that is Rick and Morty! Rick and Morty premiered in 2013 and has been a must-see ever since! Rick and Morty follows  Rick Sanchez, an alcoholic scientist, and Morty, a 14-year-old ball of anxiety, as they adventure through an infinite number of universes while balancing their estranged home life. With so much chaos and adventure, Rick and Morty always knows how to entertain making it one of the most hilarious adult animations with so many lol moments!

Not only did this sit at IMDb’s #3 Top TV Series Animated Comedy, but it was the IMDb’s #1 for those premiering this century! If you haven’t yet watched the mayhem of Rick and Morty, you have until 2025 to catch up before season 8 premieres!

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

If you were a fan of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World then you must catch this new adventure for Scott! We all missed Micheal Cera as Scott Pilgrim and now he’s back again in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off! When Scott spots the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, he now must defeat her 7 evil exes in order to date her. How could this go wrong? 

Check out season one of the 96% Tomatometer Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix! Fans were completely blindsided by episode one’s twist and you will be too! Though this only was released in 2023, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has made headlines and just missed the Metacritics’ Top 10 spot on its Top Animated TV shows of this century! So, go get your socks knocked off with this must watch animated series on Netflix!

Tuca & Bertie

If you haven’t heard of Tuca & Bertie, then you are in for a treat! Tuca & Bertie animated comedy series follows 30-year-old Tuca the toucan, and Bertie the songbird, as they navigate the world that surrounds them!  Tuca & Bertie, though cutely animated, is decidedly not for kids as creator Lisa Hanawalt touches on subjects that explore insecurity and existential anxiety while highlighting the messages with an outrageous sense of humor. The format also makes it a bingeable short form animated series that you can watch in one sitting

Hanawalt’s Tuca & Bertie first premiered in 2019 and has run for 3 seasons! Don’t miss out on this heart-warming yet lively adult animated comedy as you can watch season 1 on Netflix, and seasons 2 & 3 on Max with subscriptions! Tuca and Bertie hit #9 on Metacritic’s Best Animation TV Shows list, while also holding a 99% Rotten Tomato score!

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