‘Love Death + Robots’ & More Hilarious Adult Animations!

If you are a lover of adult animation we have you covered. Here are five must-watch shows you can stream now!

Solar Opposites

From Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland and comedy writer and producer Mike McMahan, Solar Opposites is a Hulu original series perfect for lovers of comedy and science fiction. The show follows a whimsical group of Shlorpians, aliens from the planet Shlorp, who were forced to evacuate their home planet and crash on Earth. Korvo, Terry, Jesse, Yumyulack, and their pet-like creature called The Pupa, try to navigate human life on Earth while Korvo attempts to rebuild their wrecked spaceship. The show’s third season will be available on July 13, so stream the first two volumes on Hulu now!

The Great North

The Great North is a current project from Bob’s Burgers writers and executive producers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin with Regular Show writer Minty Lewis. Protective yet loving single dad Beef (Nick Offerman), attempts to keep his kids at home at their cabin in Alaska. Judy, Wolf, his wife Honeybee, Ham, and Moon all live with Beef and navigate Alaskan life and their father’s quirky, sensitive nature. The show returns for its third season on FOX on Sept. 25, but you can binge-watch the first two seasons on Hulu.

Love Death + Robots

This Netflix original is perfect for lovers of futuristic science-fiction shows like Black Mirror mixed with animation and dark humor. Each episode, created by a different director, has a unique animation style and short storyline. This show is great for a quick watch, as most of the episodes are less than 20 minutes long. Many episodes of Love Death + Robots really make the viewer think about science fiction and the future of society. Netflix made the third season available for streaming on May 20, so it is the perfect time to get into the future.

Close Enough

Close Enough is an HBO Max original from J.G. Quintel, creator of Regular Show, and produced by Cartoon Network. In Los Angeles, millennial couple Josh and Emily struggle to straddle the transition from their twenties to their thirties as well as young parenthood with their daughter Candice. Season 3 is available for streaming as of April 7, so check out this goofy comedy.

Human Resources

From the creators of the raunchy Netflix comedy, Big Mouth, comes Human Resources, a show where “Big Mouth meets The Office.” The show takes a deep dive into the hormone monster world briefly shown in Big Mouth and introduces new types of hormonal creatures like Logic Rocks, Ambition Gremlins, and more. Human Resources has the same raunchy, random comedy of Big Mouth with a new palette of characters to love.

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