4 Cute “Harlivy” Moments from ‘Harley Quinn The Animated’ Series So Far!

We love the new season so far and we’re sharing some of the sweetest moments from the iconic couple of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!

Only July 28th, the first three episodes of season three premiered on HBO Max. Now that Harley and Ivy are officially together, they have shared some heartfelt moments in the show. While we wait for the other episodes to become available, check these out!

Harley’s Epic Plan to “Save” Ivy from the Wedding

When we last left Harley and Ivy in season two, Ivy was planning to marry Kite Man. Until the two best friends slept together and realized there was something more to their friendship. Ultimately, Harley developed an extravagant plan to get Ivy from the wedding, including flying a car out of the building. This clip was included in the recap at the beginning of the first episode. To watch it again, check out the clip below!

Eat, Bang, Kill Tour

After getting Ivy from the wedding, they go on their “Eat, Bang, Kill tour,” which in other words is their honeymoon. The two travel the world in Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Visiting England, the beach and more. They even prank called Commissioner Gordon and charged their beach vacation on him.

The Villy Awards

Harlivy was nominated for “Best Couple” at the Villy awards. The two walked the carpet together proudly. Harley had only ever been nominated with the Joker and was happy to be there with her “Girl Friend Forever.” Check out their stunning outfits below!

Harley Supporting Ivy To Get Back To Eden

As a botanist, Ivy created the “Garden of Eden” years ago and Harley brought her back to help work on her master plan–to reclaim Gotham for humans through the use and power of plants. While Ivy is hesitant at first, Harley, as a supportive girlfriend, wants to help carry out her dream! What more can you ask for?

The rest of the series will come out with an episode a week starting August 4th to September 15. Can’t wait to see what is to come for Harlivy for the rest of the season!

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