Netflix Animated Shows Like ‘Big Mouth’ & ‘Disenchantment’!

Who doesn’t love a good animated TV show! We have 6 animated originals from Netflix you will want to watch if you haven’t already. 

Animated and cartoon shows are often associated with childhood, but who said you can’t indulge in some good old cartoons when you are an adult! They provide a level of comfort and nostalgia that is unbeatable. Here are 6 animated Netflix originals you can watch right now!!

Big Mouth

Big Mouth was a hit immediately after its first season and has continued to get renewed season after season. It stars hormonal teenagers and their hormone monsters to represent the sometimes painfully embarrassing physical and emotional changes you undergo during puberty. What better way to cope than with humor, you know?


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Human Resources

Human Resources is a spin-off show of Big Mouth that focuses on the hormone monsters and all the other creatures who help the humans during their growing up period. More specifically it delves into their own personal romances, workplace drama and how they help their human clients. The first season was successful and guaranteed us a second season!

She-Ra & The Princess of Power

She-Ra & The Princess of Power is set on the planet Etheria. It follows the stories of Adora and Catra who are orphans turned soldiers for the Horde, an evil army led by Hordak who has plans of conquering the whole planet. However, the rise of She-Ra puts a wrench in his plans. To find out how you just have to see for yourself!


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The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince follows two human princes, half-brothers Callum and Ezran, and an elven assassin who team up to wage a war between their respective lands. There are 3 seasons on Netflix and a fourth season is confirmed!


Disenchantment focuses on a free-spirited princess, Bean, who doesn’t fulfill her duties and does not fit the princess stereotype. The show is funny, magical and kind of iconic! You can watch 4 parts of the series now to uncover this intriguing princess character.


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Inside Job

Inside Job is about a scientist who helps manage the world’s wildest conspiracies. However, in this world, they are real and the government is attempting to keep the conspiracies a secret. Part 1 is on Netflix now and Part 2 has been confirmed!


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