Celebs With Birthstone Rings Like Megan Fox!

Did you love Megan Fox’s engagement ring? We’re sharing other stars like Indy Blue, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Jackie Kennedy also own rings with this unique style.  In case you missed it, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are...

Posted: 2 days ago

Machine gun kelly and Megan Fox engagment - afterbuzztv.com
Who Bachelor Nation wanted to be The Bachelor
The Best Fan-Favorite Potential Bachelor Picks!

We all know Clayton is the current bachelor but was he the fan's first choice? Here is who Bachelor Nation really wanted to be on this season of The Bachelor!  Andrew Spencer A contestant on Katie Thurston’s season, Andrew was...

Posted: 4 days ago

Best Danny Tanner moments - afterbuzztv.com
5 Memorable Danny Tanner ‘Full House’ Moments!

The death of American actor, stand-up comedian, and television host Bob Saget has been devastating. In honor of the beloved performer’s life and talent, here are 5 of his memorable on-screen moments from Full House. Bob Saget’s role as father...

Posted: 1 week ago

Bachelor Nation reacts to the first episode of The Bachelor
Villains?! Fan favorites?! Dramatic moments?! ABC’s The Bachelor Has Them...

We are so excited that The Bachelor is back and there is so much to talk about. See how Bachelor Nation reacted to Clayton’s drama-filled episode! Embed from Getty Images After seasons of being unable to film at Bachelor Mansion,...

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Where the characters of Euphoria would go to college - afterbuzztv.com
Where The Characters of Euphoria Would Go to College!

Have you ever wondered where Jules Vaughn or Nate Jacobs would go to college in real life? We got you! Read more to see the schools we think each of the Euphoria characters would attend! Since the characters in Euphoria...

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Top 9 Songs To Kick Off The New Year With...

If you want a diverse playlist to listen to this New Year's Eve, we've got you covered. Here are 9 songs to help you and your friends kick off the new year! Need an opening soundtrack to kick off the...

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Olivia Rodrigo Sour Music Tour - Afterbuzztv.com
Olivia Rodrigo’s Best Live Performances!

Grammy-nominated pop star Olivia Rodrigo has taken the world by storm the past few years. Here are a few of our favorite live performances to prepare you for her upcoming Sour Tour! If you’ve been paying attention in the entertainment...

Posted: 1 month ago

Kristen Bell, Chrissy Tiegan Recipes - afterbuzztv.com
Four Celebrity Recipes You Can Make This Christmas!

Looking for something to impress your friends and family with this holiday season? Here are a few recipes from your favorite celebrities that you can make! Christmas is right around the corner and not everyone is a master chef. For...

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9 Best Female-Led TV Comedies!

Here is a list of some of the best female-led comedy shows that you all should be paying attention to! Most of the top-rated comedies currently have male-dominated casts or leads and even though the gap between women and men...

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Best SNL holiday skits
The Best Holiday-Themed ‘SNL’ Skits!

Now that the holidays are here, there’s no better way to relieve that holiday stress than with a little comedy. Here are our favorite SNL skits that remind you how crazy the holidays really are! We’ve officially entered the holiday...

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