An Open Letter to Bob Odenkirk.

As Bob Odenkirk recovers from his stint in the hospital, Connor Rose wants to share how much the actor means to him. Dear Bob Odenkirk, Ever since I watched Mr. Show in middle school, I knew I was going to...

Posted: 11 months ago

An open letter to Bob Odenkirk -
Gender balanced tv shows -
Must-Watch Shows That Promote Gender-Balanced Hiring

With ReFrame awarding 2020-2021 shows with their stamp of approval, let’s look at some of the shows that were praised for their gender-balanced hiring! Recently, ReFrame, an organization founded by Sundance Institute and Women In Film (WIF) that awards shows...

Posted: 11 months ago

Michael Dorn Interview -
Michael Dorn: From Star Trek to Invincible and a future...

In an exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV, actor Michael Dorn talks about his work in Star Trek, voice-acting in Amazon Prime’s Invincible and a future project set in the Wild West! To say that actor Michael Dorn has had a...

Posted: 11 months ago

Scrapped tv shows -
Scrapped TV Shows That Had Serious Potential

Although many amazing shows make their way onto television, some of the best ideas don’t always make the cut. We have a list we wish we could have seen on our screens. In the age of countless streaming services, it...

Posted: 12 months ago