Coldest Moments From HBO’s ‘Succession’ So Far

With season 3 of HBO’s hit show Succession on the way, we’re taking a look back at some of the fierce burns the witty drama has become notorious for.

Season 3 of Succession is now expected to drop by the end of 2021 and fans of the witty HBO drama are already curious about what’s in store for the Roy family after the wild season 2 finale. In the meantime, let’s take a look back at some of the coldest moments and harshest insults dealt to and from the destructive, chaotic family.

Benign Fungus: A Memoir

Some of the best moments in Succession come from the back-and-forth between Greg (Nicholas Braun) and Tom (Matthew MacFadyen), employees of Waystar RoyCo, and resident BFFs. One of the highlights of their banter comes when Greg mentions the diagnosis of a benign fungus, to which Tom retorts “Great title for your memoir!”

The Useful Can-opener

Roman, played by Kieran Culkin, is infamous for his snarky comebacks and immature retorts. It shouldn’t be a surprise to fans when, after an argument with his brother, Kendall (played by Jeremy Strong), he degrades his already down sibling by saying their mother would have preferred to have given birth to a can-opener, an object with more usefulness than Kendall.

Tom’s Puffy Vest

Tom Wamsgans, amongst many things, is not a fashion icon. It should come as no surprise that, after deciding to wear a new puffy vest to an important conference, Roman decides to pounce, belittling the Waystar RoyCo punching bag even more. After a barrage of sarcastic comments, he finishes his attack by asking: “What’s it stuffed with, your hopes and dreams?”

A Generous Family

Through all their bickering and conflict, at least the Roy family is somewhat self-aware. While the family celebrates Thanksgiving dinner, the group goes around and says what they’re thankful for, a clear sign of imminent disaster. After Tom, currently engaged to Shiv, talks about how he’s thankful for marrying into one of the most “kind and loving families in the world,” Roman immediately responds with “are you not going to be marrying Shiv anymore?”

Deck Shoes

The deck shoes conversation is a wonderful moment, starting one of the closest friendships through Succession and beginning the cycle of Tom belittling Greg simply because he can. On Greg’s first day at the Waystar RoyCo headquarters, the young Roy family member makes the mistake of wearing deck shoes to work. This fashion choice makes him an easy target for Tom, going on a condescending tirade and asking Greg if they’re on the “poop deck of a majestic schooner” or if the “salty brine” is stinging his face. Needless to say, Greg did not make the same mistake twice.

Hyena Farm

It’s not hard to make fun of Roman, whether it be his immature attitude or his narcissistic tendencies, the rest of the Roy family can find something to insult him for. This leads to some great roasts. One of the more memorable Roman belittlements comes from his father, Logan, who feels the need to remind him they didn’t adopt him “from a hyena farm” after noticing his son laughing a little too loud at a function.

The ‘Boar on the Floor’ Scene

Although “Boar on the Floor” isn’t one specific moment, this entire scene is something to behold. As Logan’s paranoia kicks in, he turns his entire hunting party (family and friends very much included) into objects of ridicule. After calling those concerned about his well-being and soundness of mind “snakes and vipers,” he forces a select few to pretend to be boars and fight over a sausage from dinner.

Throwing Greg Under the Bus

Although not necessarily an insult, it certainly is quite a “throwing a friend under the bus” moment when Tom reveals that Greg, his BFF, and shady dealings accomplice, is the source of crucial information. In classic Tom fashion, a lack of discretion is shown when he tells Kendall over the phone: “I can’t reveal my sources… but it’s Greg”

Fans are sure to see even more insults and burns after season 3 of Succession drops on HBO later this year!

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