Michael Dorn: From Star Trek to Invincible and a future in the Wild West

In an exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV, actor Michael Dorn talks about his work in Star Trek, voice-acting in Amazon Prime’s Invincible and a future project set in the Wild West!

To say that actor Michael Dorn has had a diverse career would be an understatement. With 173 acting credits, the Texas-born actor known for playing Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation has made quite a name for himself in both the realms of live-action and voice-over work. From the famed-Klingon to Battle Beast on Amazon Prime’s Invincible, Dorn has gone down an incredibly remarkable path in the science fiction world and hopes to take that success into a new genre: the Wild West.

In a sit-down interview with AfterBuzz TV, the actor talked passionately about his venture into the world of the Wild West, a genre of film and television he’s been a lifelong fan of.

“It was just one of those things where that’s how I grew up,” says Dorn, eagerly talking about his early admiration for the medium and setting. “It started when I was 8 or 9 years old.”

From Maverick to Sugarfoot, Dorn went on to talk about the many shows and movies he grew fond of, admitting his all-time favorite film in the genre is John Wayne’s Rio Bravo.

With a long-standing fascination and love for the classic genre, Dorn hopes to bring something new to the table, as well as a more contemporary perspective.

“With what’s happening now in our country, we’re learning so much about what the move west was really about… and people’s contributions that were totally glossed over in history books.”

While not much was said about the plot of Michael Dorn’s western script, we can expect some twists and turns, he hinted at some subversion in his screenwriting venture.

“Let me put it this way…whatever I’ve seen before, I don’t write it because I wouldn’t want to see something I’ve already seen before.”

In a recent interview, Dorn’s Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star and friend Marina Sirtis said that she believes the next step for the iconic franchise is a show centered around Worf, one of the most iconic characters in the Star Trek universe, and his time as a captain in the United Federation of Planets.

“You would see Worf as he always has been: sitting around and thinking about stuff, you know?” Dorn said when asked about what a Captain Worf show, an idea that he’s been pitching for years, would entail.

“Star Trek has always touched on Klingons,” he explained. “It’s always been about the Federation looking in on the Klingon Empire, whereas this would be the Klingon Empire looking in on the Federation,”

Earlier this year, fans of Robert Kirkman’s comic Invincible were treated to Amazon Prime’s television adaptation which featured Dorn voicing the fan-favorite Battle Beast, a character that has a significant role in the comic’s story. With seasons 2 and 3 currently in-development, no official cast announcements have been made at this time. When asked if he would be willing to return to voice the character of Battle Beast in the future, Dorn replied with an enthusiastic “yeah, of course!”

With a potential return to the hit superhero show, as well as a new venture into the wild west, it seems that Michael Dorn will remain a prominent name in the science-fiction genre and beyond.

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