5 Movies That Showed Off Lindsay Lohan’s Range!

Iconic 2000s star Lindsay Lohan has been a talented actress since the very beginning. From The Parent Trap, Life-Size, Freaky Friday, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, all the way to Mean Girls, Lohan’s versatility has been highlighted one way...

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Movies that show Lindsay Lohans range - afterbuzztv.com
Best moments from the ellen degeneres show - afterbuzztv.com
Five Great Moments on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’!

After 19 seasons, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is finally wrapping up. Here are five great moments throughout the years.  Ellen DeGeneres is ending her long-running talk show on May 26th, 2022. Her first episode premiered in back 2003 with guest...

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Interview with Kendall Darnell - afterbuzztv.com
‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Kendal Darnell (Sheppard) Reveals Why Secret...

Kendal Sheppard is back for another season of The Challenge: All-Stars, and she’s talking all about episode 3, including her thoughts on the “Tree House” alliance, plus how Wes Bergmann almost convinced her to use her sabotage on a major...

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Quotes we love from the movie - afterbuzztv.com
The Best ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ Movie Quotes!

No matter how many years go by, we will forever be quoting 10 Things I Hate About You. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the movie! Even after 23 years, 10 Things I Hate About You is still...

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How Jennifer Aniston looks so amazing - afterbuzztv.com
Jennifer Aniston’s Secrets to Never Aging!

Well-known actress, Jennifer Aniston, continues to make people wonder how she still looks the same throughout the years. Here are some of her secrets to looking as good as she does! Embed from Getty Images It’s no secret that Jennifer...

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binge worthy streaming shows - afterbuzztv.com
7 Binge Worthy Series of 2022!

In honor of National Streaming Day, here are 7 binge-worthy series of 2022 so far! Do you constantly find yourself strolling through ample streaming apps, wondering what to watch? Sometimes looking for a show takes longer than the actual program....

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Marlo Hampton's best Real Housewives of Atlanta's moments - afterbuzztv.com
‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Marlo Hampton’s Best Moments

In honor of Marlo Hampton getting her peach on Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are looking into her best moments of past seasons. We will show how Marlo already had her peach before it was given to her this season....

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What happened on Stranger Things Season 3 - afterbuzztv.com
‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Recap: What to Know for Season...

It’s official- grab your popcorn and a blanket because Stranger Things season 4 is set to release on May 27th, and here’s what you need to know going into the new season! It’s been almost 3 years since fans have...

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How The Circle keeps it interesting - afterbuzztv.com
5 Ways ‘The Circle’ is Keeping It Spicy This Season!

Netflix’s ultimate social media competition has kept fans guessing this season, with twists entering the chat in every episode. In its fourth season, The Circle brought back the components fans know and love: players in their isolated apartments creating alliances,...

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celebs love these Black owned beauty brands - afterbuzztv.com
3 Black Owned Brands Celebs Love!

We are putting you on to celebrity-backed brands that are “must-haves” for summer, and all of these brands are proudly Black-owned! This Summer, we want products that make us feel like our best selves. We want to glow with flawless...

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Popular shows that were cancelled in 2022
Social Media Reacts To Popular TV Cancellations!

Networks have canceled television favorites such as Dynasty, Saved by the Bell, Dollface, and DC favorites, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. Here is what social media had to say about some of their favorite shows getting axed! The anticipation has...

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What we know about Harry Styles New Album - afterbuzztv.com
5 Things To Know About ‘Harry’s House’!

British superstar, Harry Styles, is releasing his third album and fans cannot wait. Here’s what we know about the upcoming album so far!  It’s confirmed- Harry Styles is back! Harry’s last album, ‘Fine Line,’ dropped in December 2019, and now...

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Celebrities who come from famous lines - afterbuzztv.com
Celebrities With Famous Parents!

There are tons of celebrities that come from long lines of fame. Here are eight that you might have forgot have infamous Hollywood legacies! Hollywood is full of legacy, powerful household names and star-studded families. Many well-known celebrities grew up...

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Celebs with great summer style - afterbuzztv.com
8 Celebrities With The Best Summer Fashion Inspo!

Paige DeSorbo, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, and more celebs have some of the best summer style! If you don’t know where to start with your summer wardrobe, these celebs have got you covered! With the weather turning warm and the sun...

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Celebs favorite books for summer - afterbuzztv.com
10 Books to Read This Summer Based on Celebrity Favorites!

Looking for new books to read this summer? Let’s take a look at some celebrity’s favs that you can add to your beach bag this summer! Emma Roberts: Luster by Raven Leilani Luster follows a woman in her twenties who...

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Interview with Vanessa Villela
Vanessa Villela Discusses Secrets To ‘Selling Sunset’s’ Success & Thoughts...

Selling Sunset’s Vanessa Villela is opening up about the hit Netflix reality series, including how she’s using her platform to help others and where her friendship now stands with Christine Quinn.  Plus she gives a teaser on when she’ll say...

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best celeb grad speeches - afterbuzztv.com
10 Iconic Moments from Celebrity Graduation Speeches!

Graduation can be both exciting and a little scary as you embark on a new chapter in your life. These celebrities have given some insightful words of wisdom in their graduation speeches over the years. Graduation is always an emotional...

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Rom-coms for each zodiac sign - afterbuzztv.com
Summer Rom-Coms For Each Zodiac Sign!

Which romantic comedy is written in the stars for you this summer? We have the perfect selection for each zodiac sign! Ah, summer — there’s nothing like it. Just the anticipation of the sun, the heat and the endless possibilities...

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What we think the characters of New Girl are up to - afterbuzztv.com
Where The Cast of New Girl is Now!

Have you ever wondered where the lovable characters of New Girl ended up after the series ended? We're letting you know what what we think the characters have been up to! Who’s that girl? More like where’s that girl that...

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Songs to add to your graduation playlist - afterbuzztv.com
10 Songs for Your Graduation Playlist!

It's that time of year to put on a cap and gown to move on to the next phase of your life. Get ready for your graduation with these nostalgic tracks! As flowers bloom and sunsets slip later into the...

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5 reasons we're obsessed with Lizzo - afterbuzztv.com
5 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Lizzo!

From her incredible music to her SNL monologue, we are obsessed with Lizzo. Here are 5 reasons why we love her so much! Her Music Is Incredible! This one is obvious but we adore Lizzo’s music! Her lyrics are so...

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The cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars’: Where Are They Now?

It has been almost 5 years since we left the characters of Pretty Little Liars in Rosewood, so let’s take a look at what the cast has been up to since then. Premiering all the way back in 2010, Pretty...

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Happy birthday adele - afterbuzztv.com
Our Favorite Adele Moments in Honor of Her Birthday!

It’s a big day for the “Easy On Me” singer, and we wouldn’t want to be doing anything other than celebrating Adele!  Rumor has it that the singer, songwriter, and 15 time GRAMMY winner, Adele, is turning 34 today! For...

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Hairstyles to rock this summer - afterbuzztv.com
Celeb Hair Trends For Summer 2022!

Season to season, year to year, trends are always changing! From Hailey Bieber to Zendaya let's check out 6 celeb-inspired hair trends for summer 2022.  Summer is right around the corner which means we need to stay up to date...

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Times Jennifer Lawrence made us laugh - afterbuzztv.com
5 Jennifer Lawrence Interviews That Made Us Laugh!

Through all of her funny stories and interview moments, Jennifer Lawrence never fails to make the audience laugh. Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy Award-winning actress, mostly known for her roles in The Hunger Games, American Hustle, and The Silver Linings...

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Disney Family Films - afterbuzztv.com
Disney+ Movies To Watch For Your Next Family Movie Night!

We’re highlighting some of the best Disney+ movies that are perfect for your next family movie night, including Turning Red and Better Nate Than Ever. Turning Red Turning Red is probably one of the best movies that we’ve seen so...

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Latinx artists to add to your summer playlist - afterbuzztv.com
8 Latinx Artists for your Summer Playlist!

There is something unique about Latinx music that makes you want to get on your feet, perfect for a summer playlist.  Here are 8 Latinx artists you're going to want to check out! Latinx music is for everyone. International hits...

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Britney Spears Looks - afterbuzztv.com
8 Britney Spears Outfits to Inspire Your Summer Wardrobe!

If you're looking to revamp your summer lookbook we have the perfect inspiration from some of our favorite Britney’s outfits! As Y2K fashion has had a major revival in the last few years, the It-Girls of the early aughts have...

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Celebs with Taurus energy - afterbuzztv.com
Most Taurus Energy Celebrity Moments!

Celebrities like Lizzo, Gal Gadot, and Janet Jackson embrace their Taurus energy in everything that they do! The flowers are blooming, the air is warm, and the days are longer, which can only mean one thing, Taurus season is officially...

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Roles that prove Amanda Seyfried has range - afterbuzztv.com
7 Amanda Seyfried Roles That Prove She Has Range!

Amanda Seyfried’s acting leaves us speechless each time, no matter the genre, character, or story. Award-winning actress, Amanda Seyfried has been featured at the forefront of many iconic films and television shows. What is notable about Seyfried’s resume is the...

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