An Open Letter to Bob Odenkirk.

As Bob Odenkirk recovers from his stint in the hospital, Connor Rose wants to share how much the actor means to him.

Dear Bob Odenkirk,

Ever since I watched Mr. Show in middle school, I knew I was going to be a lifelong fan of yours. Whether it be your work as an actor or your insane talent as a writer, you have this ability to make people laugh that I absolutely admire and will always look up to.

Your versatility in comedy is so inspiring for me and is one of the main reasons I went into writing in the first place. I can’t say enough how much I laugh at skits like “Manson Lassie” or “Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker” and just admire your profound ability as a comedian and performer. Your passion for humor and wit is unmatched and has gained you the respect and admiration of both your peers and audiences alike.

Your work as a performer has been just as impactful, not only to me but to so many people out there. No matter how big or small the part, you always bring 110% to the character and manage to add so much humor to any situation. One of my all-time favorites is the small Mr. Show reunion in Arrested Development where you play David Cross and Portia de Rossi’s marriage counselor and have such a funny back-and-forth with Cross as you take part in a role-reversal exercise.

Not only did you influence me while I was growing up, you continue to inspire me as I go through college, work at a satirical newspaper writing humorous articles, and get my degree in screenwriting. I hope I can measure up to a bar that you have set so high through your talent alone.

Thank you for your creativity, your wit, and your passion for your work. You’re a bright light in so many people’s lives and we all hope that you make a full recovery soon.


Connor Rose

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Connnor Rose

Connor Rose is a screenwriting major at Loyola Marymount University. He is currently pursuing a career in the film industry as an actor and a screenwriter.