10 Books BookTok Can’t Stop Talking About

The book side of TikTok, often referred to as BookTok, has taken off. Sparked by the pandemic, book lovers have taken to the social media platform to bond with others and share their favorite books. It can be overwhelming to...

Posted: 10 months ago

Books TikTok recommends
Heartwarming Olympic Moments - afterbuzztv.com
Seven Olympic Moments That Warmed Our Hearts

This year’s Olympics, postponed from 2020, will definitely go down in the history books. While the first Olympics to be held during a pandemic did not come without controversy in the midst of silent stadiums and empty stands, there were...

Posted: 11 months ago

Everything we know about Red Taylor's Version - afterbuzztv.com
Everything We Know So Far About ‘RED (Taylor’s Version)’

With fans trying to figure out everything behind the clues for Taylor Swift's upcoming album, here is everything we know so far! This week, Taylor Swift posted a cryptic video of a vault opening. Lines of letters appeared and a...

Posted: 11 months ago

3 take aways from the bleachers new album - afterbuzztv.com
‘Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night’ Takeaways

We’ve compiled the three biggest takeaways from Bleachers' Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night After a long wait, Bleachers’ third album, Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night, is finally here! Here are my three biggest takeaways from the...

Posted: 11 months ago

Best TikToks - afterbuzztv.com
Best Olympic TikToks

With social media sporting events have a whole new vibe, and the Olympics are no exception. Here are some of the best TikToks that have come out of the 2021 Olympics so far! With the first week of the 2020...

Posted: 11 months ago

How no audience is affecting the olympics - afterbuzztv.com
A New Way of Experiencing The Olympics

With no fans at the Olympics, viewers are experiencing the Games in a whole new way. We’re detailing what this means for the sports and the audiences back at home. Normally, the Olympic stadiums and stands are filled with fans...

Posted: 11 months ago

Fans have the power to save shows - afterbuzztv.com
The Power Of Fans Saves Their Favorite Shows!

The power of social media fan campaigns has saved quite a few of their favorite shows. Now has Manifest been added to the list? Fans are refusing to let Manifest crash. Their Twitter campaign, #SaveManifest, may have worked. On July...

Posted: 12 months ago

What the members of Big Time Rush have been up to - afterbuzztv.com
Big Time Rush: Where are they now?

What have the members of the band Big Time Rush been up to since their last show? News that Big Time Rush would be reuniting for two shows this December in Chicago and New York took the internet by storm...

Posted: 12 months ago