10 Books BookTok Can’t Stop Talking About

Have you made it to the book side of TikTok yet? If not, don’t worry we’re giving you the books they can’t stop raving about to add to your end of summer or fall reading list!

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Posted On: August 14th, 2021 8:35 pm pst

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What to read according to BookTok

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The book side of TikTok, often referred to as BookTok, has taken off. Sparked by the pandemic, book lovers have taken to the social media platform to bond with others and share their favorite books. It can be overwhelming to navigate the transitions and lists flooding the site. Here are 10 books for every reader. 

We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

Zafira disguises herself as a man so her accomplishments are taken seriously. She journeys to a dangerous forest to find the magic her people lost, hidden in an ancient artifact. Nasir, aka the Prince of Death, is on the hunt for the same artifact, but for the sultan. Both are considered legends in their kingdom, Arawiya, but neither wants to be. If Zafira were exposed as a man, she would lose everything she’s worked for. Meanwhile, if Nasir displays compassion his father will punish him. 

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong 

A retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in 1926 Shanghai. A feud between rival gangs leaves the city in chaos. Juliette and Roma, heirs of the gangs, have to set aside their hatred to find the source of a disease bringing more death to the city. 

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Cristo

After killing one of her own, siren princess Lira is turned human by the Sea Queen. Robbed of her song, she has until the winter solstice to retrieve the heart of Prince Elian or remain human forever. Elian hunts sirens like Lira. She promises him the secret to bring the sirens down for good, but can she be trusted. An imaginative retelling of The Little Mermaid with higher stakes. 

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Though it is set in the Grishaverse, you don’t need to read the Shadow and Bone trilogy to understand this story. Kaz Brekker is given the opportunity to become rich beyond his wildest dreams if he can pull off a dangerous heist. To do this, he assembles a group of six that may kill each other before they even begin. Full of morally gray characters and revenge, this book and its sequel, Crooked Kingdom, are full of non-stop action before the heist even begins. 

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi 

During the 1889 Exposition Universelle, Paris is alight with action. Séverin Montagnet-Alarie is an expert on all the dark secrets hidden throughout the city and its residents. The Order of the Babel, promising him his true inheritance, compels Séverin to help them find an artifact. If they can stay alive long enough, Séverin and his group of five experts may change history. 

Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Taking place in an alternate universe where a woman won the 2016 presidential election, we find Ellen Claremont preparing for her reelection campaign. When an incident involving first son Alex and Prince of Wales Henry occurs at a royal wedding, they have to pretend to be friends as damage control. A fun LGBTQ+ enemies to lovers story, perfect for the end of summer. 

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

It’s hard to be on BookTok and not see this book mentioned at least once. Ten years after her parents were murdered and her sisters were taken to the High Court of Faerie, Jude wants to belong despite being human. Many of the fae despise humans including Prince Cardan. After defying the king, Jude finds herself caught in the political intrigues of the Court as a civil war brings bloodshed to their front door. BookTokers list this book first on their enemies to lovers lists. 

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

Former street thief Kazi is sent by the queen to gather intel on the Ballenger empire and their new leader Jase. She learns there is more to him than she expected and they are soon forced closer. As the events around them spiral out of control, they play a game of cat and mouse, each trying to fulfill their motives without the other catching on. 

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Princess and captain Alosa gets intentionally taken captive by rival pirates to find the missing piece of a treasure map. Unfortunately for the daughter of the pirate king, first mate Riden doesn’t plan on making it easy for her to explore the ship. Armed with tricks up her sleeve, Alosa is not going to be stopped by one pirate. 

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Recluse Evelyn Hugo is a Hollywood icon who hires Monique Grant to write her biography. Monique is an unknown magazine writer who hopes this will finally jumpstart her career. She visits Evelyn at her apartment and hears her tell her stories. Starting in the 1950s and detailing her glamorous, yet scandalous life, Monique finds more in common with the star than she ever thought. 

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