Everything We Know So Far About RED (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift has been posting cryptic messages for fans to learn more about her new album RED (Taylor’s Version). Here’s everything we know so far!

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Posted On: August 6th, 2021 2:25 pm pst

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Everything we know about Red (taylor's version)

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This week, Taylor Swift posted a cryptic video of a vault opening. Lines of letters appeared and a song played backward, much like the vault video posted before the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version). This time, the lines formed a crossword when stacked. Quickly fans found words like Bridgers, run, and feat, giving more insight into what could be expected from the nine vault tracks. With the release of the tracklist, what do we know about RED (Taylor’s Version)?

First, the album is coming on November 19th. Swift originally announced the album back in June, making it a five-month wait.

We know there will be nine never before heard songs from the vault. One is a new Ed Sheeran collab, written on the same day as “Everything Has Changed.” There’s not much known about this track other than it’s called “Run.” “Nothin’ New” features Phoebe Bridgers and was written in early 2012. A journal entry about the track was featured in the deluxe version of “Lover”. There Swift said the track was about getting older and being afraid of being left behind.

Fans will also be getting the fabled ten-minute version of “All Too Well.” Swift shared that she was just adlibbing in the studio and the sound engineer recorded it. She decided to include a shortened version of the song on the album. Fans have joked about it for years. One asked Swift about it when she joined their Instagram Live. In the comments, Swift told them she didn’t know where it was. She thought it was in a drawer, but would have to clean to find it. Safe to say she did.

Other tracks include “I Bet You Think About Me” featuring Chris Stapleton, “Babe” which she gave to Sugarland, “Better Man” that was recorded by Little Big Town. Swift has performed the latter two live, but fans are excited to hear how Swift interprets them. Another bonus track was co-written with Mark Foster, but the exact track remains a mystery.

The other new bonus track is “Ronan.” Originally, not on RED, but released during the era, the song is a charity single for Stand Up to Cancer. It was written based on the blogs from Maya Thompson during her child’s battle with cancer. Maya confirmed Swift had reached out to her about including the song, to which Maya said yes. In the post from July 30th, Maya thanked Swift for not forgetting her son.

RED (Taylor’s Version) is available for pre-order and pre-save now!

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