Five Things Coming For Olivia Rodrigo in 2022!

About a year ago, then 17-year-old Olivia Rodrigo dropped her first single, “driver’s license.” The song became a viral sensation online overnight, catapulting the young Disney Channel actress to a new level of fame in the music industry. Read on...

Posted: 2 hours ago

Everything Olivia Rodrigo has coming up in 2022 -
Top 9 Songs To Kick Off The New Year With...

If you want a diverse playlist to listen to this New Year's Eve, we've got you covered. Here are 9 songs to help you and your friends kick off the new year! Need an opening soundtrack to kick off the...

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Jazmin Sullivan songs you should know -
Jazmine Sullivan Songs You Need To Know!

Jazmine Sullivan is going on tour for her album Heaux Tales. To make sure you’re ready here’s some songs you should know! After the long-awaited release of her album Heaux Tales, Jazmine Sullivan has officially announced that she will be...

Posted: 1 month ago

Times we loved Little Mix -
Looking Back at Our Favorite Little Mix Moments!

Pop group Little Mix announced their “break” following their upcoming “Confetti” Tour. Here are a few of our favorite Little Mix moments to tide you over! In a post on Instagram on December 2nd, pop-group Little Mix announced they will...

Posted: 2 months ago

Christmas Playlist -
Our Christmas Playlist!

It is officially the holiday season and you know what that means; it’s time to get your Christmas playlist in order! Here are 12 Songs you need to incorporate! Immediately after Thanksgiving ends everyone starts to get ready for Christmas!...

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celeberties spotify wrapped playlist
Celebrity #SpotifyWrapped!

Spotify just released this year’s “Spotify Wrapped,” a feature that tells users their music listening stats. Let’s see which celebs shared their music favs!  Celebrities, they're just like us! Check out the various well-known names that shared their 2021 music listening habits:   Azealia Banks ...

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2021 Thanksgiving playlist -
Our 2021 Thanksgiving playlist!

Music is an essential part of every holiday, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to play. Here are 11 songs you need to add to your Thanksgiving playlist! Thanksgiving is here and most of us are accompanied by our...

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Artists we want to see collab with Taylor Swift -
Artists We Want To See Taylor Swift Collab With.

Taylor Swift is in the process of re-recording her old albums, and with that we have gotten several collabs with a variety of artists. Here’s our list of artists we would love to see Taylor collab with in the future!...

Posted: 2 months ago

Music to add to you playlists -
7 International Artists To Add To Your Spotify!

As 2021 wraps up, we’re trying to expand our music listening habits, so here are 7 pop artists based outside of the U.S. that you can listen to on Spotify! As we’re getting ready for 2022, one of our resolutions...

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Fan reaction to red taylors version -
The Best Reactions to ‘Red Taylor’s Version’!

Everyone is obsessed with Red (Taylor’s Version) and we are no exception. Here are the best celebrity and fan reactions to the new album! Social media has been blowing up ever since Red (Taylor’s Version) came out last week. Her...

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