Cat People: The Purr-fect Series For Cat Lovers

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After spending over a year inside, with an increase in cat adoptions, Netflix is bringing a new cat-centered show to our screens! Cat People follows several different people and their cats, ranging from artists to rescuers to the managers of cat bands. There’s not one, but two feline-focused rappers.

The show was a nice watch, pure and simple; I enjoyed myself. As the owner of a cat myself, this show did not inspire me to start an Instagram for my cat and celebrate her birthday, but I could relate to what many of them said was at the core of their eccentric ideas. They clearly love cats a lot and their way of expressing it may be putting them in a band instead of giving them extra treats.

My favorite episode was episode three “Copy Cat.” This episode was calming and it was a lot of fun to hear Sachi, a Japanese wool felter, explain the process behind her art. The episode follows her through her process from beginning to end, in a succinct thirty minutes. This episode balances out the other high-energy episodes in the season.

Balance is something the show does very well. You get the calm episodes as well as the over-the-top episodes, without ever losing the premise of the show. Many of the people they focus on speak out trying to find their purpose or missing something from their life that is filled by cats.

This show has a couple of missteps. In one scene, one of the owners talks about the events of the last year and the impact they’ve had on her, but while she’s speaking about dark moments, there’s light, bubbly music playing underneath which kind of ruins the mood. The season also didn’t end on a profound note, they wrap up the individual episodes, but I thought they would have wrapped up the overall theme of the season. I do think this lends well to a second season to continue the theme of finding purpose.

Overall, Cat People is a nice weekend watch and I would be interested to see what they do with a second season. This show is the perfect complement to their series Dogs and for those of us that see cats as our best friends.

Cat People drops July 7th on Netflix.

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