5 Disney Movies That Turn 20 This Year!

Can you believe that classic Disney films like ‘The Incredibles’, ‘National Treasure’, or ‘Home on The Range’ were all released 20 years ago in 2004? We’re sharing 5 Disney Movies that unbelievably turn 20 years old this year!

Think back to the first time you saw The Incredibles or Home on The Range, does it occur to you that those films were released in 2004? These Disney Classics are turning the ripe old age of 20 this year, so make these 5 films the top of your list to help celebrate their 2 decade birthdays!

The Incredibles

The Incredibles gifted the world with one of the most iconic superhero families when it was released on October 24, 2004! This Disney film stars the Parr Family, who are living in hiding as society doesn’t accept superheroes. However, when the villain, Syndrome, threatens the city, these superheroes trying to live a quiet suburban life must jump into action to save the world!

The Incredibles has been a staple of the Disney brand for years! So much so that it was renewed for a sequel, The Incredibles 2, in 2018, which picks up right where the original left off! Fans had to wait a whopping 14 years to get this highly anticipated sequel and it did not disappoint, as it holds a 93% on the Tomatometer!

National Treasure

National Treasure, released on November 19, 2004, stars Nicholas Cage as Ben Gates, a historian and code-breaker, who continuously has been searching his whole life for a rumored treasure dating back to the founding of the United States. When he joins an expedition led by Ian Howe, Gates finds an ice-locked Colonial ship in the Arctic Circle that contains a clue linking the treasure to the Declaration of Independence. After Howe betrays him, Gates must race to get to the document ahead of his now enemy! 

The National Treasure franchise carried on for one sequel, National Treasure: The Book of Secrets! These films were box office hits with the original National Treasure grossing $347.5 million worldwide, and National Treasure: The Book of Secrets grossing $459 million worldwide! Disney attempted to revive this series in 2022 with the show National Treasure: Edge of History but it came to an end after only one season.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers is a classic 2D animated movie released on August 17, 2004! This film follows Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy who are low-level French peasants who dream of becoming members of the Musketeers! Though they were originally rejected by the musketeers, they were hired by Peg-Leg Pete to protect Princess Minnie Mouse. To their surprise, however, Pete had only hired them to steal the throne! Though these three are a little clumsy and unlikely, they must uncover and foil Pete’s overarching coupe!

These three iconic characters of the Disney franchise are always going to be a smash hit! This film’s charm is hard to deny with The Beagle Boys, and the iconic “All for One and One For All song that is sung throughout this film! These three iconic characters of the Disney franchise are always going to be a smash hit! This film’s charm is hard to deny with The Beagle Boys, and the iconic All for One and One For All song that is sung throughout this film!


Miracle, released on February 6, 2004, is based on the true story of Herb Brooks, the hockey player-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the unbeatable Soviet squad! This classic follows as Herb Brooks, played by Kurt Russell, is hired to helm the U.S. Men’s Olympic hockey team! He assembles a team of headstrong all-stars, who lose horrifically in an early match. Brooks then unites his squad against a common foe, the heavily favored Soviet team, and as the U.S. squad tries to overcome overwhelming odds, the team becomes a staple of American patriotism during the Cold War! Miracle is a story of the American heart and soul and remains a favorite to many! This film has a 90% Audience Score with over 50,000 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes

Home On The Range

Home On The Range, released April 2, 2004, is another staple 2D animated Disney movie of that year! This film follows three cows, Maggie, Grace, and Mrs Caloway after an eviction notice shows up at the gates of the Patch of Heaven dairy farm! They have to take it upon themselves to prevent their home from being taken away and set out on a quest to catch an elusive outlaw, along with the Sheriff’s horse, to save their farm and their friends!

Though this movie has a wide range of reviews, there is nothing better than the classic exaggerated 2D animation style that this film embodies! Home On The Range also leaves us with an amazing soundtrack with songs such as: “(You Ain’t) Home On The Range”, “Anytime You Need a Friend”, and “Will the Sun Ever Shine Again”!

Though these Disney films are turning 20, these movies are sure to still bring a wave of emotions! From laughter to nostalgia, these films will forever hold a special spot in our hearts! Don’t forget that you can still watch these beloved classics on Disney+!

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