Nostalgic 2000s Disney Channel Christmas Episodes!

Fa-La-La-Lidays! Spend this holiday season with your favorite Dinsey Channel Characters from Christmas past. 

The holidays are a time to make new memories while also thinking back to those of the past. Family and friends gather to bake Christmas cookies and rewatch their favorite holiday content. Disney Channel shows of the 2000s gave us iconic Christmas episodes and even better songs that will forever be added to our holiday playlists.

“Christmas at the Tipton” From The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Season 1, Episode 21)

Christmas at the Tipton should yield memories of happiness and cheer. However, chaos ensues when the Tipton gets snowed in. The hotel loses power, causing a pregnant guest to give birth in an elevator. It wouldn’t be a holiday episode without some lesson being learned, and Maddie learns that sometimes the best presents don’t have the highest price tag, and Cody finally accepts his parent’s separation.

“Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas” From Jessie (Season 3, Episode 7)

Disney Channel crossover episodes were always iconic and brought all our favorite characters together. This hour-long Good Luck Charlie and Jessie episode brings all the holiday cheer and mischief of the Ross family. Good Luck Charlie’s Teddy and PJ visit the Ross family in the Big Apple and help them solve the mystery of who stole their Christmas presents. Meanwhile, we also see what the Duncans are up to back in Denver. Wish these families “good luck,” Charlie.

“Merry Merry It Up” From Shake It Up (Season 3, Episode 5)

It wouldn’t be a Disney Channel holiday episode without a musical break into song and dance. CeCe has a dream that takes her through the Christmas past, present, and future, all led by the ghost of her best friend, Rocky. This episode gave us the catchy song “Shake Santa Shake,” performed by Rocky in a cute Santa Claus dress (is there anything Zendeya can’t do?). As Cece looks back at her past and into the future, she decides she needs to fix things with her mom and her boyfriend.

“A Duncan Christmas” From Good Luck Charlie (Season 3, Episode 21)

Take part in the tradition of holiday chaos with the Duncan family. Tensions are high when Bob’s mom shows up unexpectedly at the Duncan household, leaving Amy on edge. Meanwhile, Teddy takes Charlie to see Santa for the first time. However, all is merry and bright at the annual Duncan family talent show. Teddy and Spencer sing the heartwarming holiday duet “Song For You,” making it another classic Disney Channel music episode.

“It’s the End of the Jake as We Know It” From Hannah Montana (Season 4, Episode 5)

The holidays are always a busy time, especially for Miley. Lily and Oliver reveal that Jake has been cheating on Miley, which she must deal with while filming a holiday TV special. No one wants a blue Christmas, so Miley must quickly deal with the relationship drama. Of course, we get an iconic holiday duet with Miley and Sherly Crow, ironically titled “Need a Little Love.”

“Here Comes Aaron Carter” From Lizzie McGuire (Season 1, Episode 7)

This Christmas, Lizzie’s town gets the present of Aaron Carter. The singer is filming a music video, so Lizzie and her friends track him down on set. Lizzie gets the best present: a front-row seat for the filming. She becomes one of the dancers in the music video and shares some personal time with the 2000s sensation.

“Escape Claus” From That’s So Raven (Season 1, Episode 19)

Step into the Christmas future as Raven’s visions reveal her opening presents too early. Of course, her vision causes major problems. She opens her present before the big day and breaks it before she can wrap it back up. However, with the help of holiday cheer, the issue resolves itself, and Raven sings us a beautiful piano rendition of “Silent Night.”

“A London Carol” From The Suite Life on Deck (Season 3, Episode 15)

In this episode, London walks in Ebenezer Scrodge’s shoes and gives us a new twist on the classic film A Christmas Carol. London’s talking mirror makes her look hard at her past, present, and unappealing future after she refuses to share her wealth with the less fortunate. The holiday season causes London to learn a big life lesson that changes her for the better.

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