A Movie For Any 4th Of July Mood!

For the 4th of July, we are sharing some of the best movies to watch for the holiday based on your mood!

Independence day marks a day to celebrate America. Not only does the Fourth of July mark our nation’s Independence Day, but also provides a halfway marker for summer vacation. With that said, there have been many 4th of July movies produced that range from patriotic, to funny, sad, adventurous, and even scary. Based on what kind of mood you are in, these movies might be perfect for you to watch this holiday!


This 1975 movie, Jaws, will be perfect for you if you’re in the mood for a thriller classic on 4th of July! It’s pretty much the best summer movie. This Steven Spielberg classic captures the perfect feeling of summer at the beach, and introduces Independence Day, while Major Vaughn informs Chief Brody that the 4th of July is the most important holiday for them since it brings them business.

You can watch this film on Peacock, Amazon Prime, or Apple TV.

Independence Day

It’s not officially 4th of July until you’ve watched the 1996 film, Independence Day. This movie brings a goofy and fun 90’s throwback mood while giving a large dose of patriotism. While an alien invasion is happening on Earth, Bill Pullman, who plays President Whitmore, gives a speech that is the shining scene of the movie. Also starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, this film will no doubt have you in a patriotic 4th of July type of mood.

You can find this film on Tubi, Hulu, Peacock, or Amazon Prime.

National Treasure

If you’re searching for a historical accuracy movie, look elsewhere. But, if you’re searching for an enchanting action-adventure movie, then National Treasure is the one to watch. This family friendly film, starring Nicolas Cage, is certain to keep everyone engaged. It features an historian who’s attempting to save America’s most historic national treasures– by stealing the Declaration of Indepence. Yikes, right?

If you want an adventurous and family type of movie, then you can stream the film on Disney Plus, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime!

Forrest Gump

Take yourself on the journey of entertainment and heart-break with the film, Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks. In this 20th century American film, Tom Hanks navigates through some of the most famous moments in history and meets some of modern history’s most popular figures– from teaching Elvis how to dance, to attending an interview with John Lennon, to battling war in Vietnam and to finally, coincidentally creating the smiley face symbol.

Forrest Gump is available to stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, or Apple TV.

Captain America: The First Avenger

If you’re in a Marvel/action type of mood, then, Captain America: The First Avenger, is the film you want to watch on the 4th of July. For some patriotic glory, watch Chris Evan’s most memorable first turn as Steve Rogers, when he turns from a skinny civilian to a superhero that battles in WWII, reminding us all that it’s not strength that makes America strong, rather it’s the strength of the american spirit.

You can find this incredible Marvel movie on Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, or Apple TV.

Girls Trip

If you’re searching for a movie that simply takes place on the 4th of July weekend, then Girls Trip is the film that’s meant for you. This comedy filled movie has an incredible cast, including Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Hadish, and Jada Pinkett Smith. This film is a must-watch if you’re spending the holiday with your BFFs!

Grab some 4th of July snacks and drinks, and start streaming Girls Trip on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, or Youtube!

Saving Private Ryan

Are you feeling like you want a good cry on this 4th of July? This Academy Award-winning drama film starring Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel, and Matt Damon is about a group of soldiers who goes beyond the enemy lines on D-Day to essentially find a missing soldier, whose brothers have been killed by the war.

This patriotism-filled film is streaming on Netflix or Paramount Plus!

For this 4th of July, make sure to grab that delicious BBQ food that your fam cooks, your favorite drink, and a blanket– cause it’ll be a movie night for sure!

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