5 Movies That Showed Off Lindsay Lohan’s Range!

Iconic 2000s star Lindsay Lohan has been a talented actress since the very beginning. From The Parent Trap, Life-Size, Freaky Friday, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, all the way to Mean Girls, Lohan’s versatility has been highlighted one way...

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The Best ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ Movie Quotes!

No matter how many years go by, we will forever be quoting 10 Things I Hate About You. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the movie! Even after 23 years, 10 Things I Hate About You is still...

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Rom-coms for each zodiac sign - afterbuzztv.com
Summer Rom-Coms For Each Zodiac Sign!

Which romantic comedy is written in the stars for you this summer? We have the perfect selection for each zodiac sign! Ah, summer — there’s nothing like it. Just the anticipation of the sun, the heat and the endless possibilities...

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Disney+ Movies To Watch For Your Next Family Movie Night!

We’re highlighting some of the best Disney+ movies that are perfect for your next family movie night, including Turning Red and Better Nate Than Ever. Turning Red Turning Red is probably one of the best movies that we’ve seen so...

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Roles that prove Amanda Seyfried has range - afterbuzztv.com
7 Amanda Seyfried Roles That Prove She Has Range!

Amanda Seyfried’s acting leaves us speechless each time, no matter the genre, character, or story. Award-winning actress, Amanda Seyfried has been featured at the forefront of many iconic films and television shows. What is notable about Seyfried’s resume is the...

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Where We Can See the Pogues While Wait for ‘OBX’...

The next season of Netflix’s Outer Banks is in production right now and while we restlessly wait for it, here are some other upcoming films that the pogues will star in! Chase Stokes John B is running around the island...

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Top A24 Films to Watch for Your Every Mood!

Commemorate your April 24th by binge-watching A24 films! Here is a list of top A24 films to treat your Sunday night! Everything Everywhere All at Once When you are feeling like you want a giggle out of you, Everything Everywhere...

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10 Movies That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid...

When you watch movies like Harry Potter and The Princess and The Frog that shaped childhood and watching them now brings back those feelings.  Movies have the magical ability to take you to different places, times, and memories. Watching movies...

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2022 Documentaries Worth Checking Out!

Documentaries have been part of streaming’s bread and butter to draw in viewers. Here are some of 2022's most popular ones so far! Documentaries are experiencing a renaissance right now. From music docs like Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy and the...

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Original Streaming Films to Watch This Spring!

Streaming services don't just have your latest TV obsessions but also places where your favorite stars have new film releases! Here’s what we’re excited to check out this spring!  With streaming services being the number one destination for fans during...

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8 Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now!

Sci-Fi films have been increasing in popularity on Netflix recently. Titles such as The Adam Project and Don’t Look Up have been new releases on the streaming service but there are many other films that are worth the watch. Let’s...

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Shows And Movies Starring Elle Fanning!

We've rounded up a list of shows and movies starring Elle Fanning you need to watch, including The Great and The Girl From Plainville! The Great Elle Fanning stars as Catherine the Great, the longest-reigning female ruler of Russia, in...

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Paul Rudds best moments - afterbuzztv.com
Paul Rudd’s Best Moments!

One of Hollywood’s most likable dads is celebrating his 53rd birthday and we’re here to share some of his best moments that made fans fall in love with him even more! Last year, Clueless heartthrob Paul Rudd was crowned “Sexiest...

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Jordan Preston Carter Talks Explosive New HBO Max Drama ‘DMZ’!

Jordan Preston Carter is in a new HBO Max series titled DMZ. Check out what he had to say about working with Rosario Dawson and Benjamin Bratt on the DC Comics show! At only 13-years-old Jordan Preston Carter already has...

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Upcoming movie musicals - afterbuzztv.com
Upcoming Musical Films To Look Forward To!

Following hit musical movies like West Side Story and tick, tick… Boom!, we are excited to see more musicals coming up! Wicked Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo are going to defy gravity with their singing in the highly anticipated Wicked...

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Cinderella films you must watch - afterbuzztv.com
Must Watch Cinderella Stories!

With the arrival of Hilary Duff’s A Cinderella Story on Netflix, we are taking a look at some of our favorite movies centered around the iconic princess!  Ever since it first aired in 1950, Cinderella has been made into multiple...

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Meet the cast of the film CODA - afterbuzztv.com
Get To Know The Cast of Oscar Best Picture Winner...

The cast of this year’s Best Picture winner was notably primarily deaf. Get to know the actors and their extensive careers here! This year’s Oscars hosted a number of historic wins–one of them being best picture winning film CODA. The...

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Films sports lovers need to watch - afterbuzztv.com
10 Movies to Watch as a Sports Fan!

Good sports movies are about more than just the game. They’re about life lessons and highlighting the great outcomes that come from sports beyond a little competition. Let’s take a look at 10 movies that are a must-see if you...

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Gen-Z Guide to Nirvana - afterbuzztv.com
Gen Z’s Guide to Nirvana

Are you a new fan of Nirvana since The Batman? Here’s your guide to the band’s legendary songs. In the few weeks since the release of The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, a surprising song has made its...

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Here’s Where You Can See Your Favorite Stars on The...

With the theatrical release calendar once again packed, here’s what we’re waiting for!  Building off the successful Winter movie season with Spider-Man No Way Home and The Batman, the studios are back in full force releasing films with big stars....

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5 of the 2022 Oscars Pairings Explained!

In honor of the 94th Oscars, let’s explain some of the presenter pairings throughout the ceremony. Award season is upon us! The 94th Oscars Award Ceremony was one to remember, with many amazing nominations, winners, and performances. It was also...

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Here are Memorable Moments of the 94th Academy Awards!

Last night’s show was back at The Dolby Theater and here are some of the most fun or uplifting moments!  The Academy Awards were last night, and the big winners are making all the headlines! With three hosts and a...

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5 Concert Films That You Should Start Streaming Right Now!

From Taylor Swift’s Folklore to Olivia Rodrigo’s Driving Home 2 U, here are 5 documentary concert films from our favorite musicians that you can stream right now! As life is slowly starting to return to normal, our favorite artists are...

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Social Media Reacts: ‘Driving Home 2 U!’

Olivia Rodrigo’s documentary, Driving Home 2 U was released on Disney+ on Friday. Her concert style film left fans speechless and ecstatic with new renditions of her songs and the story behind the Sour album. Let’s see how social media...

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Sad “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Is Ending? Here’s Other Content To Watch

We understand why Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are sad to see the sitcom come to a close, so we’ve compiled a list of similar content that devoted viewers will be sure to enjoy. The hilarious NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine has officially...

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