Upcoming Disney Pixar Movies!

With 27 feature films under their belt, it seems Pixar has no signs of slowing down. As we look to the future, here are all the confirmed Pixar movies that are coming sometime in the future.

Inside Out 2 (June 14, 2024)


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2015’s Inside Out was not only loved by critics but was one of Pixar’s highest-grossing movies. 8 years later we return to Riley and the emotions that occupy her mind but with some new emotions like Anxiety to mix things up and bring some new feelings to the developing teenager. Though not all of the voice acting cast will return, Inside Out 2 is set for a release in the summer of 2024 and has already released its first trailer on social media.

Elio (June 13, 2025)


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A science fiction adventure, Elio is centered on a young boy of the same name, who after accidentally reaching the Communiverse is mistaken for the ambassador of Earth by aliens from other planets. Though not Pixar’s first science fiction film, Elio is the first to have its lead character sport an eye patch which we can expect to see on the big screen on June 13th, 2025.

Toy Story 5 (Announced on February 8, 2023)


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The toys are back in town! Toy Story 5 may not have a confirmed release date as of yet but was announced by the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger. Some have already begun to theorize a potential release date for the movie by going over how long it took for previous installments in the franchise to be released. Using this data, it is widely believed that Toy Story 5 is going to be released anywhere between 2026 and 2028. Soon after the movie’s announcement, Buzz Lightyear’s voice actor Tim Allen took to X to celebrate.

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