What This Year’s Oscar Hosts Can Learn From The Past!

We’re so excited for their Oscars to have hosts again! Here’s what they can learn from past hosts to make sure to be the best!

The Academy Awards are on March 27th and for the first time in years, there will be a host; and not just one host … but three hosts, Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall! The change comes after years of declining ratings and last year’s paired down COVID ceremony. In addition, there will be controversial cuts that The Academy has made to this year’s broadcast, rumored to be mandated by ABC. Here’s how the three hosts can bring the show back to its glory days ! 

Be Careful With Musical Numbers! 

Musical numbers are ingrained as part of the Oscars. From original song performances to opening songs, music has always been a way that the show’s producers energize the audience or introduce the host. They are largely lavish big budget affairs with big celebrities. They are a tightrope for hosts though as some have left the audiences baffled. Others like Billy Crystal, Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris have started the show with a bang. 

Take Some Shots, Just Not Cruel Ones! 

Some hosts have done a better job at this than others. The Oscars are a celebration of film and filmmakers, artisans of their craft. However, it’s also a gaudy affair, so hosts have made ample use of this to lovingly mock the industry. They’ve mocked the past year in film and the nominees or poke fun at current events. This is a fun time for the show and the best chance for the host to showcase their chops at welcoming the audience and television viewers to the night on a warm note. While it’s always fun to see bits poking fun such as Tina Fey at the Golden Globes, the best ones are bits with shared humor and not targeted or with ill intent; those just freeze the room. 

Read the Room! 

Tying into that, the hosts are going to need to know how to read a room. A joke may land at home but it just doesn’t hit the same way at the event. If a joke or an extended bit is going over to silence and stares in the room, the host needs to be able to adjust and move onto the next bit or find a way to win in the room back over. Don’t be stubborn but be receptive and keep the mood light. 

Don’t Over Play The Bits – Appreciate The Films

Hosts have a tendency to try to create a bit and return to it over the course of the night to try to create buzz on social media, especially in the modern age. Think of Ellen and the selfie, NPH and the magic box, the display of regular people meeting celebrities. While some of these are funny at the moment, they haven’t aged well in retrospect. And they just take up time for the real purpose of the evening, the films. So keep the bits short, quick and moving well. 

Be Open To Improv! 

One of the most infamous moments of the Oscars recent history was the La La Land/Moonlight fiasco. In that moment, the whole show was in chaos and it’s easily one of the most memorable moments. The hosts need to be prepared if something happens on the fly and be able to improv to be able to keep the show on-track. If a major surprise occurs, the hosts can use that to their advantage and make jokes about it.  

Don’t Insult the Show Or The Audience There 

While the Oscars may be seen as for elites or out of touch rich stars, that’s not a fair assessment in total. It can help careers rise to a whole new level. Make dreams come true and be one of the happiest nights of their lives. Don’t insult the show’s legacy and reputation or the nominees, winners, and crowd. Help make this an enjoyable and memorable evening even if they lose. The hosts can make everyone feel welcome and celebrate the accomplishments of the industry. 

Stay In Your Lane – Talent Wise 

Hosts are hired for their known skills weather it be humor, acting, etc. Not everyone can sing and dance, and not everyone can be funny off the cuff. It can be awkward to see celebrities or hosts try something and fall on their face. It’s more fun to watch stars live up to their personas. If the hosts can stick to that they can dodge some common pitfalls. 

Share The Wealth Among Hosts 

A tricky situation awaits the hosts of this year’s ceremony. Past years have had one host and in recent years, no host and this year, there are three hosts. Three hosts for one ceremony is a lot of hosts. All three of these hosts are known for their personalities and they will all be sharing one stage. It’s going to be a tricky balance and no one is quite sure how it’s going to work even though rumors are that they will split the hours of the show. If they can find a balance between them, it’ll be a hilarious evening and a reminder of why hosts are always a good thing for awards shows. 

We can’t wait to see what these hosts bring to the awards show this year! Remember to tune in to the Academy Awards live on March 27th at 5pm PT on ABC!

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