‘The Boys’: People We Might Say Goodbye To In Season 4!

‘The Boys’ Season 4 on Amazon Prime is right around the corner, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Who will live, who will die, will our favorite characters make it? Join us as we discuss the characters we predict will meet their fate in ‘The Boys’ Season 4.

The Boys has taken a different direction from the comics, so everything is on the table regarding who comes and who goes. While we may know what we want from season 4 of The Boys, it’s unknown what will happen, and we do have to keep in mind this season won’t be the The Boys final season, as Eric Kripke announced that season 5 will end the show.

If you caught it, the finale episode title for this The Boys season 4 is called “Assassination Run,” so we know that no one is safe. Grab your Frescas because shit is going to hit the fan!

The Deep

As much as it pains me to say, especially after making a Fresca joke, The Deep has had a great run, but this might be his final season. After his redemption arc in season 2 of The Boys, he quickly goes back on that in season 3 and 4. He’ll either die or redeem himself again somehow. At the end of season 3 of The Boys, we saw The Deep return to being a lackey for Homelander, working as the head of crime analytics. Naturally, The Deep doesn’t excel at his job; instead, he uses his talents in other departments, like killing a vice president nominee. This brings us to season 4 of The Boys and what fate lies ahead for The Deep. He isn’t the strongest supe, and when his powers come in handy, it’s only in particular situations. He’s brought everything he can to The Seven, and his reputation is already shot. If The Deep even slips up in The Boys season 4, he’s toast.

Although it could very well end up being a gag that The Deep is one of the only people who get a happy ending at the end of The Boys, stay vigilant because anything can happen until then.

Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy is a character played by Jensen Ackles who joined in season 3 of The Boys is hated by every main character, with multiple gunning to kill him. It’s definitely a recipe for a killed-off character. Not only that, but Soldier Boy is a product of the past, and his arc has passed its climax. It wouldn’t be the first time a morally awful character is introduced and killed in the next one. In season 2 of The Boys, we met Stormfront, a morally awful character who died in season 3. Not only that, but she too was a product of the past, brought back to the present day, didn’t fit in, and was killed off. It wouldn’t be surprising if Soldier Boy saw the same fate. We’ve learned all of the lore, backstory, and their connections to the present. Even if Soldier Boy dies in season 4 of The Boys, we might get another music video in the meantime…

Mother’s Milk

We’re approaching the end of Mother’s Milk story in The Boys as he seeks his vengeance on Soldier Boy, and we already know what might happen to him on The Boys this season. Mother’s Milk will likely end their arc with Soldier Boy, figure out their family situation with his ex-wife and daughter, and run his course. Mother’s Milk’s character has basically narrowed down to his hatred for supes in general, with Soldier Boy being the most hated, and if Soldier Boy dies, it wouldn’t be unlikely for Mother’s Milk to die too. If Soldier Boy doesn’t die though, you can bet that Mother’s Milk’s chances of survival are even lower.

There is hope, though. If Mother’s Milk were going to survive, We would love to see a situation where he sorts out his family business for the best, moves back in with his family, and escapes all of the nonsense and massacre.

Victoria Neuman

Victoria is another character introduced as an antagonist in late season 2 of The Boys and all the way through season 3, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if her plot came full circle in season 4 of The Boys. She has been making her way up the chain of antagonists and now rests at the top for most threatening, both with Homelander and The Boys. She’s the centerpiece of the central conflict and the reason Homelander has Ryan. If things were to go awry for Homelander, he would have no trouble taking it out on Victoria, and it’s only natural that Billy Butcher and The Boys would want to stop Victoria from doing anything crazy. It could either happen this season on The Boys or could continue to build into season 5; however, we fear that there is a guaranteed expiration date for her.

Kimiko and Frenchie

As much as it pains us to say this, there is a chance we lose Kimiko and Frenchie in this season of The Boys. They both have suffered through so much in this show, and there is so much more that needs to be built on in their relationship that we just want them to have their happy ending. Unfortunately for us, though, they’re in deep and without much place to escape from it, they’ll have to stick through it until the end, and their survival chances of making it all the way are slim…

What would hurt more is if one of them ends up dying and the other lives, which we don’t think we could bring ourselves to stomach at the moment, so the only way they’ll die is together. Otherwise, they will safely make it to the end of The Boys and get their happy ending!

If we listed your favorite character, we’re sorry. If we haven’t listed your favorite character, don’t sigh in relief because we’re not out of the woods yet. The Boys season 4 is anyone’s story right now, and most characters will die to make it theirs.

You can catch The Boys on Amazon Prime Video starting on June 13th!

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