What We Want From Season 4 of ‘The Boys’!

We are all eagerly awaiting the next season of Amazon Prime’s hit show The Boys! In the meantime we’re listing 6 things we must see in season four.

The Boys season three finale left us with a lot to think about. The Seven and Vought are quite different too with dead (and not-so-dead) members and the loss of Starlight. And let’s not even get started on Ryan! We know that The Boys is returning for season four and cannot wait to see where this story goes next. In fact, we have a few things that we already want to see in the next round.


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The End of Homelander

Antony Starr seems like a really nice guy who deserves a great job, but his character Homelander might be one of the worst beings on TV. Homelander has done more damage than anyone on this show and he must be stopped. Maybe Billy Butcher can finally take Homelander down before he dies.

A Compound V24 Cure

Or better yet, Butcher is saved with a cure for Compound V24 (after he hopefully destroys Homelander). It would be sad to see the leader of the Boys go out in such a horrific way, especially if Homelander ends up living in the end.

MM Finding Love and Happiness

MM has sacrificed his home life for the Boys’ missions, and while he has a solid relationship with his daughter, it would be nice to see him find love and happiness at some point too. This man deserves a break and a boo thing.

Ryan Being a Hero (After Being Evil First)

Ryan is heading down a dark path with Daddy Homelander, and we don’t like it! Somebody please intervene and save this kid before he destroys the entire city. (But also, let him experiment a little) There’s the grim possibility that Ryan could die but it would be better to see him recognize his dad is a monster instead.

The Fall of Victoria Neuman

Aside from Homelander, Victoria Neuman has got to be the most terrifying villain in the show. Season three affirms that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, or just explode a person’s head. We are rooting for the Boys to take Victoria down with some chosen words perhaps first.

The Return of Maeve

As we know, there is no peace in this universe, so Maeve will have to return and face Homelander another day, right? Yes, according to Eric Kripke’s interview with Deadline. “We definitely won’t reach the end of the series without seeing Maeve again,” he confirmed. “I’m hoping we see Soldier Boy again.” Well we are too and one thing is for sure, this will be really interesting!

It won’t be long before we see the Hughie, Starlight, Billy Butcher and friends gracing our screens again. ​​However, in a recentl social media post, The Boys cast will be joined by two new supes: Firecracker and Sister Sage. Hopefully these two don’t cause too much destruction next season. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Boys for season 4!

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