Jensen Ackles Will Be Joining Season 3 Of ‘The Boys’ After ‘Supernatural’

The CW’s Supernatural has finally resumed production for the final two episodes and we are so sad to see it go, but we won’t have to wait long to see what our favorite Winchesters will be doing next.

We have known for a while that Jared Padalecki [Sam Winchester] will be taking the title role for CW’s Walker; a reboot of the classic Walker Texas Ranger. He will co-star alongside CW The 100’s Lindsey Morgan.

But the next big question every one of the Supernatural fandoms has been, “what is next for Jensen Ackles?”

There have been no rumors and no hints, until now! Jensen Ackles posted a video on his Instagram announcing he will be joining Amazon’s The Boys.

Apparently, season 2 isn’t even complete and Ackles is set for season 3 and we are all very excited.

So far, Ackles’ character will be known as “Soldier Boy” but we aren’t getting too many details quite yet.

This isn’t Ackles first time portraying a superhero. He has done voice work for The Red Hood within the DC universe.

The finale of Supernatural is set for next fall, but until then it looks like we all have to go catch up on Amazon’s The Boys.

What powers do you hope Jensen’s character has? Let us know on social media with the hashtag #CWNewsWeekly.

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