‘The Bachelorette’ Week 5 Recap and Reactions!

From a two-on-one date, a half-marathon, and two men telling Charity they’re falling in love with her, the fifth week of The Bachelorette was full of moments fans could not get enough of!

In the fifth episode of The Bachelorette Season 20, viewers watched as Charity and the now 6 men traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana. With 2 adorable one-on-one dates, an unexpected two-on-one, and a group date, this episode was full of excitement leading up to hometown week, where 4 men will take Charity home to meet their family. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying about it on Twitter!

Charity and Joey

Fan-favorite Joey was chosen for the first one-on-one date of the week, where he and Charity took a horse drawn carriage sightseeing around New Orleans. Their chemistry was clearly visible as they ate classic Louisiana cuisine, got a tarot reading, and received a heartfelt poem based on their journey so far. The nighttime portion was more serious as the pair discussed meeting Joey’s family and Charity asking him how he feels being in an interracial relationship. Joey assured Charity of his feelings and ended the date by revealing to her that he is falling in love. Charity was brought to happy tears in her confessional where she said she was falling in love with him as well. Joey received the first rose of the episode solidifying his spot next week for the hometown dates.

The Two-on-one Date

In an unexpected twist, Sean and Tanner’s names were both on the date card this week, meaning they had a two-on-one with Charity. Tensions were high as neither one has been on a one-on-one date all season. They met her at the bayou where they took a swamp tour. Sean was more vocal than Tanner during the date, even kissing Charity at the end, leaving Tanner feeling vulnerable. The night time portion did not bring as much clarity as Charity had hoped for, however. She spoke with Sean first who told her he is ready to introduce her to his family. Tanner opened up to Charity about his past relationship and explained why his guard is up. By the end of the date Charity was faced with an impossible decision, and decided not to give out the rose, needing more time with both men. This was very upsetting for both – especially Sean, who wanted validation from Charity.

Charity and Dotun

Dotun was chosen for the second one-on-one this week, much to the disappointment of Aaron who was hoping to have more time with her. Dotun and Charity went to the Crescent City Classic which is a half marathon event in New Orleans. Their connection came naturally as they interacted with locals and experienced a “real world” type of day together. Dotun opened up to Charity about his fear of failure but Charity reassured him that their connection is the real deal. In a cute moment that had Bachelor Nation swooning, Dotun told Charity he is falling in love with her. In confirmation of their strong connection, Charity gave Dotun a rose at the end of their date.

The Group Date

Aaron, Xavier, Tanner, and Sean’s names were on the group date card this week. Tensions were high amongst the men as they realized two men will receive a rose and go to hometowns next week, while two will be sent home. After the date card was read, Sean showed up to Charity’s hotel room unannounced and told her he is in the process of falling in love with her. Charity ultimately told him she cannot give him what he wants, and decided to send him home in a decision that was met by support from viewers. Sean’s exit left Tanner, Aaron, and Xavier on the group date where they all had a moment with Charity alone. Aaron expressed his frustration over not getting any time with Charity but she reassured him by giving him the group date rose meaning the two will be going to Houston next week to meet his family. Xavier expressed his concerns about falling in love, leaving fans unsure of his fate. Charity told Tanner and Xavier she was not going to give out the second rose until the night portion of the group date, which left Bachelor Nation feeling like it could go either way.

The Final Four

There was not an official rose ceremony at the end of this week’s episode. Instead, Charity went to Tanner’s hotel room where she made the tough decision to send him home, feeling it would be unfair to continue their journey and take the next step of meeting his family when their relationship is the least progressed. She then went to speak with Xavier who received the final rose of the week, confirming his spot in hometowns leaving Aaron, Dotun, Xavier, and Joey on their journey to find love.

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