Social Media Reacts to Hulu’s ‘Not Okay’!

Social Media Has Mixed Reactions to Zoey Deutch and Dylan O’Brien’s New Film, Not Okay! Find out what people had to say below!

In Hulu’s newest film, Not Okay, Danni Sanders fights to be social media’s favorite topic of conversation. While Not Okay may not be social media’s #1 topic, the internet is definitely buzzing with feedback for this film! The social media satire stars Zoey Deutch and Dylan O’ Brien. Here’s what Twitter and TikTok had to say.

The Critics

Not Okay reinforces the sheer power of the internet. Sticking to the plot in reality, social media had the power to define the public’s perception of the film. Luckily enough, the movie was generally well-received by critics online. Cameron Kozak or @kodak_cameron on TikTok has harnessed 1.4 million followers for his movie reviews. Kozak granted Not Okay his stamp of approval, rating the film 4.2/5 stars and stating “Overall, pretty great movie and that ending was powerful”.

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Dylan O’Brien Is That Guy

One of the most widely agreed-upon takeaways from the film is Dylan O’Brien is HOT. TikTok’s algorithm is overflowing with fan edits of O’Brien’s portrayal of Colin. Colin, the clout-chasing bad boy, is a departure from O’Brien’s typical roles. Some find the character to be cringy (though that is the point), and others can’t get enough. That bathroom scene though…

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Ladies and Gentleman, HER

Without spoiling the film, we can tell you that many online critics have cited the last scene of Not Okay as a standout. Mia Isaac wows as Rowan, a sincere and inspiring school shooting survivor. Her powerful monologue at the end of the film encapsulates all the strength and promise gen-Z possesses.

On the other hand, Zoey Deutsch’s character Danni is easily hatable. Prior to the start of the film, Hulu even offers a warning for the “unlikeable female protagonist”. This is all a clear-cut intention from the filmmakers, though the concept went over some viewers’ heads.

The End

Overall, social media was generally satisfied with Hulu’s new film. This Tweet says it all.

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