Outfits Fans Wore to See ‘The Rise of Gru’ in Theaters!

In honor of the minions, a viral trend has become a recent phenomenon on apps like TikTok and Twitter with the hit song, “Rich Minion” by Yeat, playing in the background of each video. Fans today are continuing to see The Rise of Gru in suits, minion-inspired outfits, and some going as far as renting out theaters for their family and friends.

What first began as a joke, is now the latest internet trend. The Rise of Gru premiered in theaters on July 1 and die-hard minion fans are still continuing the trend today as they see the film with family and friends; some in their most expensive attire, while others are dressing up as minions themselves.

If you’ve been online recently, you have probably seen numerous fans across the nation dressing up in suits in honor of the minions, some are calling it “minion life”. The internet trend was recently amped up a bit as it has now grown to be a global trend. Check out this TikTok from fans in Melbourne, Australia.

@unstable.egirl 10/10 best movie #fyp #foryou #fypdoesntwork #melbourne #melb #sigma #minions #minionsriseofgru ♬ Ï CÖUNT MONEË – Twïzz

It doesn’t stop there though, fans have been getting dressed up in large groups to see this movie, taking up rows of seats within the theaters. Check them out:

@callumscott #fyp #fypシ #minions #minionsriseofgru #yeat ♬ Rich Minion – Yeat

@420outinlondon #fyp #viral #minions #minionsriseofgru #gru #alpha #alphamales #bigmoneymoves ♬ Rich Minion – Yeat

@gebhardcarl Distinguished Gentlemen… #minionsriseofgru #minions #riseofgru #fyp #gentlemen #suits #minionspremiere #minions2 #minionsbanana ♬ Ï CÖUNT MONEË – Twïzz

To take it a step further, one internet family went as far as renting out the entire theater for their kids to watch, and still following the trend by dressing their kids up in suits of course.

@4kidscallmedadMinion Life >>>>>♬ Rich Minion – Yeat

This friend group was so large they took up the entire theater, and brought a briefcase full of bananas. What an event.

@ziyaalisoy #minionsriseofgru #minionstheriseofgru #denizmall #cinemaplus @Illumination’s Minions ♬ original sound – Ziya Alisoy

If you want to dress up in honor of the minions but don’t want to go to movies you can follow what these friends did! They dressed to go to iHop for the minion-inspired pancakes and breakfast. Iconic.

@sigmachaddeus Tell them Gru sent you 😈 #minionmeal #minionsriseofgru #yeat #yeat #yeatminion ♬ yeat x minions – kt

As mentioned earlier, the trend originally began just for the minion premiere, this was one fan’s minion-inspired ‘fit accompanied with a minion backpack, necklace, goggles, shoes and beanie.

@cionballs July first fit #minions #minion #minionsriseofgru #hype #hyped #premier ♬ original sound – 🦅

@m1kolaj the Minions are loyal to Gru, we are loyal to the Minions 🚫🧢🍌🍌🍌 #fyp #perth #minions ♬ original sound – .

Any minion-inspired outfit is sure to be a hit, let us know which ones are your favorite on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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