Our Favorite On-Screen Santas!

It’s December, which means it’s officially Christmas time! The holidays always put people in a happy, giving, and loving spirit, and in a year like 2020, those are things everyone needs right now. To get into the Christmas spirit, our writers let you know who their ultimate on-screen Santa is!

Sana Moore – Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence was my favorite Santa Claus to watch on the hit 90’s show Martin! Growing up, he always made me laugh and put me in the holiday spirit. I look at him as the perfect remixed Santa Claus!

Stephanie Joseph – Ed Asner

My favorite portrayal of Santa was Ed Asner in the movie Elf! He wasn’t a main character, but I loved his personality and how warm and kind he was to Buddy The Elf!

Natalie Benoit – Anna Kendrick

One of the most nontraditional and unique depictions of Santa Claus was in the 2019 Disney+ movie Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, Shirley MacLaine, and others. The feel-good Christmas comedy portrays Kris Kringle’s daughter (Kendrick) eventually assuming the role of Santa after realizing giving is much more fun than receiving!

Briana Phipps – Edmund Gwenn

The ultimate Santa Claus for me is in the original Miracle on 34th Street. This is the first Santa I remember seeing as a child, and he not only embodied the love and affection Santa is supposed to but was also not afraid to hit terrible people in the head with his cane! He made all young and old believe in Santa and the miracle of Christmas!

Tim Allen

By far, the most popular on our list is Tim Allen’s portrayal of Santa from the Disney trilogy The Santa Claus! He had four of our writers convinced, and we’ll let them tell you why.

Ebone Chatman

Tim Allen is my favorite on-screen Santa because he played the part perfectly! The hair and make-up team did a great job with the rosy checks, full white beard, and of course, the big jolly belly! I am a big fan of Tim Allen as an actor, and The Santa Claus 1,2, and 3 are a must watch during the holiday season!

Benny Adams

My favorite Santa is Scott Calvin from The Santa Claus. This film is such a classic that gets you into the Christmas spirit while giving you all the feels. Tim Allen does an amazing job portraying good old Saint Nick, and his performance always keeps you coming back for more. The Santa Claus is definitely a must-watch during this holiday season.

Elizabeth Perkin

Who doesn’t love the classic Christmas movie series The Santa Claus? Tim Allen brings Santa to life through humor, honesty, and the joy of Christmas.

Meagan Lynn

Tim Allen is by far the superior on-screen Santa in The Santa Claus movies. We get to watch his magical transformation from a nonbeliever with a shaky standing in his family to a loving father and charming Santa Claus. Complete with Allen’s signature sarcasm, you’ll love the wonder of this movie as a kid and appreciate the humor and nostalgia as an adult.

Who’s your favorite Santa? Let us know in the comments!

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