Musical Biopics We’d Love to See Next Including Dolly Parton, Prince, & More!

We have gotten so many great biopics over the years, with the latest being Elvis, and it got us thinking about others we would love to see next. Here are some iconic artists that deserve their own biopic! 

If you loved the new Elvis movie as much as we did, we’re sure you’ve been bitten by the biopic bug. The Baz Luhrmann film has us thinking….what artist will be the inspiration for the next big one? These iconic artists have lives deserving of their very own big-screen interpretation.

Dolly Parton

It’s Dolly’s world, we’re just living in it! The queen of country, Dolly Parton has long wanted a Broadway musical about her life, but we think Hollywood could be her calling! With an easily recognizable voice and style, Dolly Parton is an icon for all generations, making her perfectly deserving of a biopic.


Frank Sinatra

Highly awarded film director Martin Scorsese has been fixated on a Frank Sinatra biopic for years, but ultimately, the Sinatra estate refused to sign off on it. We can still dream, right? A film filled with the portrayal of the smooth-voiced and handsome Frank Sinatra would be fulfilling enough in itself. Additionally, the iconic artist’s interesting and almost unbelievable life story would be key ingredients for a successful biopic. Who would be your pick to emulate the “chairman of the board”?



It is difficult to refute the argument that Prince was one of the most talented American musicians of his generation. Prince’s music emulated themes that are still relevant today, such as the constriction of social categories. An artist as emblematic as Prince is more than deserving of Hollywood’s next big biopic success.


Carole King

Beautiful- The Carole King Musical first graced the Broadway stage in 2013. Fittingly titled, the artist’s life translated effortlessly onto the Broadway stage, making us all the more certain that Carole King’s life story is destined for motion picture success! It’s not too late, the blueprint is already done!


Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is a pioneer in the music industry. Similar to Prince, Wonder is a “one-man-band”. The artist has the rare skill of being a composer who is able to perform at a professional level on virtually all the instruments he requires. The legend is amazingly able to execute his long list of talents while overcoming the difficult hurdle of blindness. We will patiently wait until the exciting day when we get to see this star’s life as a film.


Who is your pick for Hollywood’s next biopic?

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