If You Loved ‘The Boys’ Here are 5 Shows To Watch!

While waiting on the weekly released episodes of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The Boys’, here are a few super watches that you need to add to your list!

If you are a fan of one of the most popular, bloodiest, and most entertaining superhero shows, The Boys, then these TV spectaculars are for you! Now that season four’s underway, you may search for your next action-packed series to fill your time!


Showrunner of The Boys, Eric Kripke, has paved his way through many of his other projects! As you may know, The Boys is based on the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, while the television series was created by Eric Kripke. Supernatural is a Warner Bros. Television and Kripke Enterprises series that premiered in 2005 and ran until its final season in 2020. Supernatural, available on Netflix or Hulu, follows the Winchester brothers as they set out on a journey, fighting evil along the way, to find their missing father! When they do find their father, they reveal the demon who killed their mother. Along the way one brother, Sam, develops frightening abilities such as seeing visions of people dying before it happens and these visions are somehow connected to the demon’s plans that seem to be all about Sam. When their father dies striking a deal with that very same demon, the brothers are determined to finish his crusade.


After the events in The Suicide Squad (2021), Peacemaker returns home to discover that his promised freedom wasn’t all that it seemed to be. Peacemaker released on Max in 2022, has been described as juvenile, absurd, ridiculous, obnoxious, profane, raunchy, ludacris, sociopathic, and outlandish. Do you know what other show reminds me of all of those descriptors? The Boys. If you love something different than the typical, textbook superhero show, then make sure you check out John Cena in Peacemaker!


Timeless is another Eric Kripke creation, yet this time let’s make it time travelers! It seems that anything Eric Kripke touches is bound to be a success and Timeless is no different. Timeless released in 2016, and available on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video,  follows when a mysterious criminal who steals a time machine with the end goal of destroying America, an unlikely trio of a scientist, a soldier, and a history professor must jump into the stolen time machine’s prototype to travel back and stay one step ahead of the time-jumping criminal! 

No Heroics

No Heroics, released in 2008, is a comedic superhero fantasy similar to The Boys. The series is set in London, except now with Capes (superheroes). Capes apart from their powers, are ordinary people, with the same problems the rest of us have. When they aren’t doing normal civilian errands like gardening, going shopping, and doing the laundry, they spend their downtime in the basement bar The Fortress (‘superheroes only: no masks, no powers, no heroics’) No Heroics focuses on how the four main characters deal with their mediocre super abilities and life in general! Let’s just say that these heroes are not the cream of the crop and are constantly bullied by the arrogant Devlin – Excelsor, the most successful hero of the bunch!


Invincible, an animated television series released in 2021, has sparked the interest of many! This is another Amazon Prime Video series that follows Earth’s most powerful superhero as he is about to become Invincible. Like The Boys, Invincible is another comic to screen development, which observes teenager Mark Grayson’s journey of becoming Earth’s next great defender after his father, Nolan Grayson (Omni-Man). 

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