2010’s Supernatural Shows to Rewatch and Why!

Halloween may be well behind us, but supernatural fun never gets old! In fact, so much of this supernatural fun came from 2010’s TV shows, and many are becoming relevant again or have never truly lost their shine. Here are some of 2010’s supernatural shows to rewatch and why!

The first Twilight book came out in 2005, kicking off a surge of other supernatural books, shows, and movies that wanted to ride the wave of Twilight’s popularity. This solidified in 2008, cementing a particular focus on vampires and werewolves, but supernatural-themed shows became a staple of television. It was unavoidable, and brought us some seriously fun shows! Recently, the fantastical, supernatural genre has had a resurgence in popular culture, and many shows from the 2010s–whether they were on for a while and were in their hay-day in the 2010s, or had only just started then–are back in relevance and NEED to be rewatched. Why? Let’s see…

Teen Wolf (2011-2017)

With the vampire craze, there also came a werewolf craze, and Teen Wolf was there to deliver. While it shares the name of the 80’s movie, it is not an adaptation of it, only sharing three things in common: the show title, the name of the main character (Scott), and camp. The show follows Scott McCall, a high school nobody from Beacon Hills, California looking to make a name for himself on the lacrosse team, but breaking out of anonymity couldn’t have been done any stranger. After being taken into the woods by his best friend, Stiles, to see a dead body, Scott gets bitten by a mysterious creature, later to be revealed as a werewolf. Scott is no longer human, but a werewolf himself, and he must find a way to control his newfound wolfy urges in order to be with the new girl, Allison, and maintain even a hint of normality. This show is fun, humor-filled, and romantic–and then season 3 happens, and it becomes a freaking masterclass in psychological horror. Teen Wolf loves to shift genres and introduce new supernatural creatures, not limiting itself whatsoever to its namesake, and is a ride and a half. What makes it so relevant today, you may ask? Well, in January 2023, Paramount+ is dropping Teen Wolf: The Movie, in which a new evil is emerging in Beacon Hills and Scott McCall and co. are the only ones who can stop it. Acting as a reunion for many fav-favorite characters, Teen Wolf is officially back! If you want to get caught up on Teen Wolf, you can watch it now on Hulu or Paramount+. 

The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

The Vampire Diaries was one of the most popular pieces of vampire media in the 2010s, and I think people truly forget just how big of a phenomenon it was. IMDB has The Vampire Diaries sitting as the CW’s fourth most popular show of all time, marketing themselves as the steamy, dramatic, horror-filled, and just as romantic vampire cousin to Twilight. For the uninitiated, the show takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, following 17-year-old Elena Gilbert mere months after losing both her parents in a car accident. She quickly falls for “new” guy Stefan Salvatore, a 162-year-old vampire, but everything turns on its head when his mysterious older brother, Damon, comes to town bringing murder and mayhem in his wake. The show is all about love-triangle romances and supernatural shenanigans, but the villains are what made the show stand out. The Vampire Diaries knows best that a supernatural show is incomplete without some sexy, terrifying villains to either root for or against–so much so that the villains inspired a spin-off following The Vampire Diaries’ most popular villains, the Originals (a.k.a, the first vampires in all of history). You can read about it more in the next listing, but the show didn’t stop there. Another spin-off following the kids of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals called Legacies was created in 2018 and ended back in June. The Vampire Diaries Universe is officially at an end, and the cast has recently reunited at an I Was Feeling Epic panel in Covington, Georgia last October, otherwise known as the real-life town of Mystic Falls. The cast of the show, and its spin-off, will also be going on a reunion tour in 2023, so get your tickets while you can and binge the show again on HBO Max.

The Originals (2013-2018)

The aforementioned spin-off of The Vampire Diaries didn’t follow the Twilight craze so much as the Vampire Diaries craze, following the forever-changed lives of the Original family of vampires. Klaus Mikaelson, or the Original Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid, was everyone’s favorite villain on The Vampire Diaries, but as his time on the show was coming to an end, the backdoor pilot to The Originals called “The Originals” aired in TVD’s season 4. It introduces the concept of the show, in which Klaus returns to New Orleans, Louisiana–a city the Mikaelsons helped build–to investigate rumors of a plot against him. There, discovers his former protege, Marcel, has taken over the city, causing tension to rise in the community and Klaus to become jealous. Klaus’ older brother, Elijah, joins him there and reveals to him that Hayley, a werewolf one-night stand of Klaus’, is pregnant with Klaus’ child (something which everyone believed to be impossible) and they must form an alliance with the city’s witches against Marcel to keep her safe. This show is all about family, family drama, and redemption–the Originals hoping to rebuild the supernatural sector of the city to be safer for their next generation. More adult than its predecessor, The Originals make anti-heroes out of the Mikaelsons, but don’t get it twisted, these thousand-year-olds are not afraid to play dirty to get what they want. The reasons to rewatch The Originals are the same as The Vampire Diaries, especially since Legacies follows the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson herself, Hope. Give it a rewatch along with your TVD binge in preparation for the reunion tour on Netflix now.

Supernatural (2005-2020)

Talk about popular CW shows! Listed on IMDB as the CW’s most popular show of all time, Supernatural is one of the heaviest hitters on this list. While it debuted in 2005, Supernatural was on for 15 years, the majority of that time spent in the 2010s, including its SuperWhoLock hay-day. Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester across the United States as they face off against various monsters and supernatural anomalies as hunters. Raised by their father to be hunters after losing their mother to a supernatural force, the boys track down and “gank” supernatural threats, leading to all sorts of supernatural foes like ghosts, vampires, wendigos, demons, angels, and more. While not the conventional “romantic supernatural” show, if you’re looking to see a couple of brothers defeat some seriously scary monsters, Supernatural is a can’t miss. The show’s supernaturally long run is only further proof of its popularity, the Supernatural fandom being huge and ever the force to be reckoned with. Only having recently been put to an end in 2020, season 15 was not the end for the show. Jensen Ackles, the actor who played Dean, is now executive producing Supernatural’s new spin-off prequel show, The Winchesters, which debuted on the CW in October. It tells the epic, and untold story of Sam and Dean’s parents, John and Mary, in the 1970s, explaining their hunting origins. With this new spin-off now airing, Supernatural has found new life, and we encourage everyone to give it a rewatch on Netflix today!

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