Fan Reactions to the Return of ‘Carnival Row’!

After a long wait for season two, fans of Carnival Row are excited about the much-anticipated ending of this fantasy steampunk show on Prime Video. Here is what the internet had to say about its return and the first two episodes! 

In 2019, Prime Video’s Carnival Row starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne immersed viewers into the world of humans, fae, centaurs, and more. Now, almost four years later, the show is back for a second and final season, of which the first two episodes were released last week.

Fans on Twitter are already loving this new season, especially because of its unique world and creative storyline.

Fans also took to Twitter to gush over small details in this new season, like the intricate costumes, extravagant sets, and detailed world-building. This user even tweeted that they were in love with the enchanting theme music.

Visually the show itself is very neo-noir, with Victorian elements and eye-catching aesthetics that viewers have been fanning over.

Lots of Twitter users were also excited about the return of Rycroft and Vignette’s forbidden romance that made the first season delectable.

Fans shared their watching experiences for the first two episodes of the new season, including this adorable cat.

With eight more episodes left of this final season, fans are a mix of excited and sad about Rycroft’s story coming to an end.

Two new episodes will be dropped every week for the remainder of the season every Friday on Prime Video.


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