Get to Know the New Actors from ‘Hocus Pocus 2’!

Of course, we all know the OG's of the new Hocus Pocus film but you may not be as familiar with some of the new faces. We’re taking a look at what the younger cast members have done in the...

Posted: 1 week ago

Written By Connor Baez-Rivera, Of course, we all know the OG's of the new Hocus Pocus film but you may not be as familiar with some of the new faces. We’re taking a look at what the younger cast members have done in the past. - AfterBuzz TV
Twitter reactions to Netflix's Woodstock 99 documentary -
Twitter Reacts to Netflix’s ‘Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99’!

Twitter doesn’t agree on much, but there’s no doubt that many users think this three-episode series is aptly named: the Woodstock ‘99 music festival was a trainwreck! TRIGGER WARNING: Article contains mentions of sexual assault, victim-blaming, and rape If there...

Posted: 1 month ago

Upcoming Play and Stranger Things Spino-Off - afterbuzztvcom
Everything to Know About The ‘Stranger Things’ Stage Play and...

With Stranger Things season 4 finally out, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that the Stranger Things expanded universe will be getting its own stage play and spin-off series! Let’s take a look at what’s to come! It’s official–...

Posted: 2 months ago

Series to watch on HBO Max before their season 2 drops -
8 HBO Max Shows To Binge Before Season 2!

These binge-worthy series from HBO Max have only one season so far but have all been renewed for a second one. The release dates have yet to be announced, leaving you plenty of time to get caught up!  Sex Lives...

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What's coming to Paramount Plus in July 2022 -
What’s Coming to Paramount Plus This July 2022!

Paramount Plus is coming out with new releases this July 2022 and you don’t want to miss them! Guess what time it is…it's binge-watching time for anyone who loves Paramount Plus! New movies and TV series are coming to your...

Posted: 3 months ago

Fans react to First Kill -
Fan Reactions to Netflix’s ‘First Kill’!

Netflix's First Kill has taken the internet by storm! Check out supportive Twitter fan reactions to Netflix’s lesbian vampire drama series!  First Kill aired on Netflix on June 10th. There was a lot of excitement around the series and hope...

Posted: 3 months ago

Favorite moments from Only Murders in the Building season 1 -
The Best Moments From Season 1 Of ‘Only Murders in...

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short give us the most hilarious and surprising moments in our favorite new murder mystery show. In honor of the season 2 premiere, here are some of our favorite moments from season 1!  If...

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Original Series from Amazon this summer -
What to Look Forward to on Amazon Prime This Summer...

Did you know there are some incredible Amazon original series coming to your TV screen this Summer? Let’s check out what they are!  Amazon Prime has done it again! This Summer, the streaming service will be releasing many original series...

Posted: 3 months ago

What happened after filming stopped on Bling Empire -
‘Bling Empire’: Whats Happened Since Season 2 Filmed!

Bling Empire season 2 has just been released, and now fans are excited to see what's to come next! The cast has revealed a bit of what we can see from them in season 3. Also, we as fans have...

Posted: 4 months ago

binge worthy streaming shows -
7 Binge Worthy Series of 2022!

In honor of National Streaming Day, here are 7 binge-worthy series of 2022 so far! Do you constantly find yourself strolling through ample streaming apps, wondering what to watch? Sometimes looking for a show takes longer than the actual program....

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How The Circle keeps it interesting -
5 Ways ‘The Circle’ is Keeping It Spicy This Season!

Netflix’s ultimate social media competition has kept fans guessing this season, with twists entering the chat in every episode. In its fourth season, The Circle brought back the components fans know and love: players in their isolated apartments creating alliances,...

Posted: 4 months ago

3 most popular netflix series -
Netflix Original Series With The Biggest Fan Bases!

We are highlighting 3 Netflix original series that seem to have the most fans based on viewership and social media presence. Watching Netflix's original series is always fun, but it’s really the fans that make the experience that much better....

Posted: 5 months ago

What social media thought of The Ultimatum -
Social Media Reacts to ‘The Ultimatum’!

Netflix’s latest reality TV show, The Ultimatum has quite a twist and is filled with drama. Here is social media’s reaction to the new reality show.  If you thought that we had enough reality tv shows, you were wrong. Netflix’s...

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Netflix scifi films to watch -
8 Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now!

Sci-Fi films have been increasing in popularity on Netflix recently. Titles such as The Adam Project and Don’t Look Up have been new releases on the streaming service but there are many other films that are worth the watch. Let’s...

Posted: 6 months ago

The Prom, West Side Story and more musicals to stream -
5 Broadway Musical Film Adaptations You Can Stream Right Now!

We are highlighting 5 Broadway musicals that were turned into movies available for you can stream immediately, including The Prom and West Side Story and more! Broadway lovers, this one's for you! Broadway has given us tons of amazing musicals,...

Posted: 7 months ago

What Social Media thought of love is blind season 2 -
Social Media reacts to Love Is Blind Season 2!

Love is Blind season 2 is out and fans have a lot to say! Here is what social media thought of the first episodes. Netflix's Love is Blind season 2 premiered on February 11th releasing the season’s first five episodes....

Posted: 7 months ago

Recap of Dollface season 1 -
Everything You Need To Remember for ‘Dollface’ Season 2!

Season 2 of Dollface premieres this Friday, February 11th on Hulu! Forgot where season 1 left off? We’ve got you covered! Dollface premiered its first season in November of 2019. Like many television series, it was forced to delay its...

Posted: 8 months ago

movies and shows to watch for lunar new year -
6 Asian-Led Movies and Shows We Recommend On Netflix!

In honor of Lunar New Year, we are rounding up 6 Asian-led movies and shows on Netflix that you need to add to your watch list! Always Be My Maybe If you love rom-coms, this is the movie for you!...

Posted: 8 months ago

Where the cast of season 1 is now -
‘Love is Blind’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

With an upcoming season of Love is Blind airing soon, we are taking a trip down memory lane.  Which couples actually made it? Which didn’t? Where are they now? Here is everything to know about what's going on with the...

Posted: 8 months ago

Where the characters of Euphoria would go to college -
Where The Characters of Euphoria Would Go to College!

Have you ever wondered where Jules Vaughn or Nate Jacobs would go to college in real life? We got you! Read more to see the schools we think each of the Euphoria characters would attend! Since the characters in Euphoria...

Posted: 9 months ago

Meet the Queens from the new drag show -
Meet the Cast of ‘Queen of the Universe!’

The groundbreaking international drag queen singing competition, Queen of the Universe, show premiered on December 2nd. Here is everything you need to know about the show-stopping cast. Judges Leona Lewis, Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel, Vanessa Williams, and host Graham Norton join forces in London...

Posted: 10 months ago