Fans React to Netflix’s New Series, ‘One Day’!

The iconic 2011 movie starring stars such as Anne Hathaway was adapted into a fourteen part Netflix series with Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod taking on these fantastic roles. 

**Spoilers Ahead!**

Just as fans fell in love with the original movie, it seems like they have fallen in love the same way with the series. Emma and Dexter, the main characters, meet on July 15th 1988 during their graduation and for the next twenty years they can’t seem to stay out of each other’s lives. This beautifully tragic story has fans experiencing all the emotions. From joy to heartbreak, One Day has it all.

Watching the raveling and unraveling of one love story comes with a multitude of tropes, so this show has something for everyone!


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Adapting the original movie into a television show allowed audiences to get more intimate with the characters and their story. Obviously, this paid off as fans can’t seem to get enough of the pair both as individuals and as a couple.

There was a lot of praise online for all the performances but specifically Leo Woodall’s as Dexter. Viewers were enthralled not only by his looks, but also his emotion and chemistry with his on screen partner, Ambika Mod.

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Leo Woodall is not the only one getting praised for their on screen performance! Ambika Mod is also gaining internet traction after fans agree she played Emma perfectly. Many people online are praising her for vulnerability and are rediscovering her other projects such as This Is Going To Hurt. The internet just can’t seem to get enough of these stars.

While many expected One Day to end as most rom-coms do, it seems like the tragedy of this one took fans by surprise! Not only is the ending beautifully sad, but the other storylines throughout are realistic to how life sometimes plays out. It seems like this show does not shy away from showing the authentic nature of life’s sadder moments.

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