Fan Reactions to the Finale of ‘True Detective Night Country’!

True Detective Night Country’s finale reveals who killed the seven Tsalal Station scientists–and it’s not who anyone suspected! 

**Spoilers for True Detective Night Country**

For six episodes, fans of True Detective Night Country have speculated how and why seven scientists ended up in the ice as frozen corpsicles.

With the show’s recurring visuals, namely the spiral, hinting toward a dark entity plaguing the Alaskan town, fans were on board with an evil presence killing the men. However, when police chief Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and state trooper Evangeline (Kali Reis) crack the frozen-solid case, they discover that humans, not paranormal anomalies, orchestrated the gruesome murder!

In place of dark forces leading the men to their frozen deaths, are a group of vengeful women who work as cleaners at the Ennis crab processing plant. Their motivation for the slaying–the reveal of Annie K’s death being at the hands of the scientists, namely Rayond Clark who stabbed and killed the woman six years prior, after her discovery of their secret encampment beneath the ice.

In a confrontation scene between the missing scientist Ckark and our detectives, Clark utters the all-too familiar words, “time is a flat circle.” Fans of season 1 will recall that Rust Cohle famously spoke these exact same words; which Night Country director, writer and showrunner Issa Lopez repurposed for this series.

Jodie Foster’s performance as Danvers has received much praise from fans, who shared their reactions of adoration toward the fictional detective that solved the mysterious murder case.

All six episodes HBO’s True Detective Night Country are out now for fans to binge!

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