Fan Reactions to ‘Shogun’ Episode 8!

Episode 8 of the FX and Hulu hit was the most emotional episode so far and fans can’t stop talking about it!

Shogun episode 8 had fans convinced that Toranaga, the best and strongest character from the show, had accepted defeat already.

This episode was emotional and fans are sharing one of the saddest scenes, when Toranaga visits his son’s grave. This is a very powerful scene because with his sacrifice he was able to buy his father some time to keep his master plan in place.

Fans are loving it despite being one of the saddest episodes, they are talking about how good this show is and how it keeps surprising everyone even though it is about to end. It is not surprising that Shogun will go down as the best show from 2024.

Everyone is talking about the fact that Fuji does not appear in this episode, she has become one of the most loved characters that fans are surprised and sad that she did not make an appearance in episode 8.

They are also sad about the loss of one of the best characters, Hiromatsu, Toranaga’s best and only friend. This was definitely the most emotional scene from the show so far, and fans are expressing how they feel about the sacrifice of the great Hiromatsu.

Something episode 8 did really well is teasing fans for more, its ending left so many questions and everyone is wondering what will happen in episode 9. They cannot wait to see what the next episode has to offer and are more than excited about it.

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