Christine Quinn Is Redefining What A CEO Looks Like

Selling Sunset star, Christine Quinn is gracing the October cover of Maxim and dishing all about her own empire that she is building.

Quinn has been teasing us for the last week that something big is in the works and this did not disappoint! The reality TV star shared her cover on Instagram with a very inspiring caption.

She wrote, “This is what a CEO looks like. Disagree? It’s time to change the narrative. To be a professional, you don’t need to adhere to what other people think is ‘appropriate.’ When others tell you to ‘cover up,’ or dress a ‘certain way’ it’s because they’re terrified of your power. Don’t let them limit your greatness.”

Since gaining a following on Selling Sunset Quinn has been empowering her followers and fans to be authentically themselves, just like she has been. Whether you love her or hate her she is proving that she can do whatever she wants and dresses how she wants.

Quinn Instagram post also says, “Update your whoredrobe accordingly and be a CE-Hoe. See you at the water cooler, bitches.”

On the show her designer outfits have us all gasping and trying to see if we can borrow her wardrobe, but Quinn even admitted that during the earlier seasons of Selling Sunset she couldn’t always afford it. She had to work hard to get to where she is and she is just getting started!

In her Maxim interview she talks about what’s next for her and it might come as a shock as we all love seeing her with The Oppenheim Group. It was a big conversation on the latest season of the show that most of the ladies weren’t too happy about Mary getting all the listings.

Quinn says, “I want to start my own all female brokerage and my own lifestyle brand. In five years I see myself being the CE-HOE of my own company, aboard my mega yacht and in every major magazine publication. I want to run my companies while traveling the world. All things fashion and beauty are in the works.”

We can’t wait to see what Quinn does next! What are you most excited to see her do? Let us know in the comments.

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