Carrie Bradshaw’s Boyfriends Ranked!

We’ve seen Carrie go through many boyfriends each with their own pros and cons. Between Mr. Big, Aidan, Berger, and The Russian we’re detailing who was the best! 

If you’re an avid fan of Sex and the City, you probably know how intense the debates surrounding the men the women dated can get (and probably also have your own personal opinions). Things can get particularly heated when discussing the many boyfriends of Carrie Bradshaw, the show’s main character.

Carrie’s certainly had her fair share of bad boyfriends, but she’s had some pretty great ones too. Throughout the SATC series, Carrie has 4 major boyfriends: John James Preston AKA “Mr. Big”, Aidan Shaw, Jack Berger and Aleksandr Petrovsky AKA “The Russian”. Fans have particular feelings on all four based on their chemistry, compatibility and the events that transpired throughout each of their relationships with Carrie. Here’s AfterBuzz TV’s ranking of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriends!

4. Aleksandr Petrovsky

Aleksandr Petrovsky, a world-renound artist from Russia, begins his relationship with Carrie after meeting her at an exhibit with Charlotte. Initially just an “older lovah,” their relationship quickly progresses throughout the last season of the show, resulting in Carrie leaving New York to move with the Russian to Paris. As dreamy and romantic as their relationship begins, it certainly doesn’t end that way. Aleksandr doesn’t ever see Carrie for who she truly is, instead more of who he’d like her to be: he performs grand romantic gestures that aren’t at all Carrie’s style, takes no real interest in Carrie’s friends (or her life) and uproots Carrie away from everything she’s ever known only to abandon her once she’s moved.


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3. Mr. Big

Big strings Carrie along for years and never really lets her go in the event that he wants her again when he’s bored (it could be argued that Carrie *does* willingly go back for more, but Big does always keep her in his back pocket). While there are occasions where he’s upfront about what he’s looking for, he ultimately ends up hurting Carrie by moving international with almost no notice, getting married after he claims to not want another marriage, having an affair with her while she’s dating Aidan and never being fully emotionally available. Though they do ultimately end up together after literal years of work to get to a healthy point in their relationship.


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2. Berger

This might be a hot take, but Berger is arguably a better boyfriend than Big. Sure, he gets jealous of Carrie’s success, but he *does* attempt to work past it. Carrie and Berger have considerably more in common than any of Carrie’s previous boyfriends: they’re both writers, have similar senses of humor and understand the fluctuation of their chosen career paths better than anyone else. However, it goes without saying, the *best* of Carrie’s boyfriends would never have broken up with her via a Post-It note.


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1. Aidan

Aidan might very possibly be the best man in the entire series, period. Laid-back, ruggedly handsome, sensitive and “classic American,” Aidan is truly a golden-retriever-boyfriend personified. He is patient, understanding, thoughtful and completely uncomplicated, which is where Carrie has trouble after years of her tumultuous relationship with Mr. Big. While he never did fully trust her after her and Big’s affair (who could blame him?), he did try his best to put it behind him, going so far as to even allow Big to stay at his cabin upstate. Aidan really was Mr. Right, just not Mr. Right-for-Carrie.


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