All Hail to Queen Latifah!

Queen Latifah has led an extraordinary singing and acting career, serving as a catalyst for many female artists of color. Alex Hamilton expresses her appreciation for the sensational impact the star has had on her and the rest of the world.

Dear Queen Latifah,

Throughout your exemplary career, you have represented what it means to be a strong, powerful woman and as a young, Black girl who struggled with confidence at times when growing up, you meant the absolute world to me. Last Holiday (2006) was one of my favorite films to watch during the holiday season with my family. Your portrayal of a woman faced with a terminal illness who yearns to make the most of what seemed to be her life dreams was phenomenal. You showed me the importance of living life to the fullest no matter the challenges standing in my way. My mother also showed me your 2010 romantic comedy Just Wright (2010) which was another one of our favorite films to watch. Your performance in this production shared similar themes of resilience and demonstrated the values of hard work and dedication for one’s professional and personal life. These are also qualities about your character that can be reflected in your life, highlighting the authenticity you brought to these roles. 

At the age of 22, your older brother Lancelot passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. As someone who is a year shy of 22 and also shares a brother I deeply sympathize with the heartbreak you must have felt from this tragedy. And the fact that you were able to reconnect with music after an event like this, transforming your pain into the spark igniting your magnificent career is not only influential but an amazing way to honor Lancelot’s memory. 

I am also in awe of all the ways in which you have represented beauty challenging Eurocentric standards at the start of your career. I have learned that Latifah translates to “delicate” and “very kind” in Arabic, a name you chose when you were only eight years old. Also to find out that “Queen” originated from your mother’s desire to boost your confidence as a self-proclaimed Queen reminds me of the relationship I share with my mother and the eternal support and love she has provided me with. Your stage name, Queen Latifah emanates power and promotes the strength that you carry and display in all of your endeavors.

Your avocation and support for body positivity was something I resonated with as I was going through the exciting stages of puberty in high school. The awareness you raised promoting the message of accepting your body especially as a young, Black girl was something I very much looked up to as well as many others, namely aspiring female rappers. Your feminist influence on hip hop shined through your lyricism by reclaiming derogatory terms used by men. Your music addressed themes of sexual liberation, female autonomy and female domination revolutionizing the hip-hop industry, especially for women. 

I aspire to evoke change and spread a sense of empowerment in the meaningful ways you have throughout your life. Thank you for being and inspiration to me and countless other Black women around the world! I will continue to reach for the stars and live my life to the absolute fullest like you have.


Alex Hamilton

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Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton is an intern at AfterBuzz TV and is currently in her junior year at Scripps College majoring in Psychology and Law. She is interested in examining the presence of psychology and law in the media and how an interrelation between one or more of these fields may affect the intended audience.