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If you’re in need of some new music to add to your playlists, we have you covered! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the albums set to be released in October 2021. 

October and fall are finally here, and you may be looking for new jams to get you through the rest of the year. This new month in music highlights some of your favorite artists and new ones to look out for! Here’s some of the new music being released this month!

October 1:

Let’s start off with some music that you can stream right away! The following albums were released on October 1st:

The Script, Tales From The Script:

If you’re like me, The Script brings back nostalgia for the late 2000s and early 2010s. In Tales From The Script, the Script is back with remodels their greatest hits like “Breakeven” and “Hall of Fame,” featuring along with a new release “I Want It All.”

When discussing the contents of the release, drummer Glen Power recently said, “We’re taking all the best songs and playing them all together in one place.”

The Script is taking Tales From The Script on the road as a part of their Greatest Hits 2022 Tour.

Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga, Love for Sale:

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Bennet and Gaga released their second collaborative album on the first of the month and I, for one, feel like one classy girl when listening to the swing of the tracks. Love for Sale is the seventh studio album for Lady Gaga and the 61st for Tony Bennett. In fact, this album is quite special as it marks the final one of Bennett’s career.

Love for Sale features hits by Cole Porter and produced by Dae Bennett. The release was preceded by singles, “I Get a Kick Out of You” and the title track, “Love for Sale.”

This match-made-in-heaven promoted the album at a Radio City Music Hall performance in early August, entitled, One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. The title references the final performance of Bennett’s career, as One Last Time marked the start of his retirement from singing live.

October 15:

Coldplay, Music of the Spheres:

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To most, the British rock band Coldplay is known for the soulful sounds of “Yellow,” Fix You,” and “Viva La Vida.”

On October 15, Coldplay releases their ninth studio album, Music of the Spheres, in the US. Interestingly enough, many of the tracks are titled with emojis. For example, we have not only 🪐 and ✨, but also 🌎.

For those who want to gauge the album vibe before the 15th, check out the already released singles “Higher Power,” “Coloratura,” and “My Universe,” featuring BTS.

Finneas, Optimist:

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Known for being popstar Billie Eilish’s brother and the genius writer and producer behind her impressive albums, Finneas releases another album of his own on the 15th. His successful career blossomed after the 2015 SoundCloud release of “Ocean Eyes.”

Finneas released a debut EP entitled Blood Harmony in 2019, which featured hits like “Lets Fall in Love for the Night,” “I Lost a Friend,” and six other self-written and produced tracks.

On the 15th, we finally get his debut album, Optimist. This Grammy-winning producer’s track record speaks for itself, and Optimist is expected to not disappoint. You can catch Finneas on his tour starting October 25th!

Remi Wolf, Juno:

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Up and coming artist Remi Wolf, known for her smashing 2021 hit, “Photo ID,” now releases her debut album, Juno.

Juno represents the multitude of feelings felt in quarantine- by Remi and the rest of the world. As a result, each song brings its own energy and translates in a relatable way.

Consequently, this debut album was named after her dog Juno whom she “adopted during lockdown” and “ended up being in every single writing session for this album. [Remi] consider[s] him [her] partner, witness, and support in the making of this record.”

Singles “Quiet on Set,” “Grumpy Old Man,” “Liquor Store,” “Anthony Kiedes,” “Guerrilla,” “Sexy Villain” and “Front Tooth” are already released, and if they are any indication, the second half of Juno is about to go hard.

Kelly Clarkson, When Christmas Comes Around:

Kelly Clarkson is a household name with wildly popular songs like “Because of You,” “My Life Would Suck Without You,” “Stronger,” and many, many more. After rising to fame as the first winner of American Idol in 2002, Clarkson has won numerous Grammy’s and resides as a staple judge on NBC’s The Voice. She even has her own talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, also on NBC.

Thanks to Clarkson, Christmas is coming early this year! As her ninth studio album, When Christmas Comes Around, is Kelly’s first album since 2013’s Wrapped in Red.

On September 23rd, we received the lead single, “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just you).”

According to Kelly’s Instagram, “Some of us are consumed with a new love, some of us reminded of loss, some filled with optimism for the coming new year, others elated for some much-deserved time away from the chaos our work lives can sometimes bring us. Wherever you are, and whatever you may be experiencing, I wanted everyone to be able to connect to a message on this album.”

Young Thug, Punk:

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For all the rap fans out there, Young Thug is set to release his second studio album, Punk, on October 15th.

After the more lighthearted hit debut album So Much Fun, Young Thug wanted to release something more personal and introspective.

The lead single, “Tick Tock” was released on August 20th, go check it out! Now!

October 22:

Elton John, The Lockdown Sessions:

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After putting his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour on pause due to COVID-19, Elton John spent the last year and a half working on his 32nd studio album. The Lockdown Series features 16 collaborations with stars like Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Eddie Vedder, Stevie Wonder, and Stevie Nicks, to name a few.

The album release is preceded by singles “Cold Heart (Pnau remix)” with Dua Lipa and “After All” with Charlie Puth.

Although he had to cut a previous endeavor short, John made the best out of a horrible situation and is now delivering us the content we could have only dreamed of!

Lana Del Rey, Blue Bannisters

After recently releasing her seventh studio album on March 19th of 2021, Del Rey blesses us by releasing the eighth, Blue Bannisters.

Singles “Textbook,” “Wildflower Wildfire,” and the title track “Blue Bannisters” were released on May 20th.

On September 3rd, Del Rey posted the cover for the single “Arcadia” on her Instagram account and revealed that the song would be released the following Wednesday, on September 8.

In classic Lana style, Blue Bannisters is set to have all the feels.

October 29:

Ed Sheeran, =:

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Ed Sheeran is set to release his fourth solo album at the end of the month. In accordance with his previous PEMDAS themed titles of “+,” “×,” and “÷,” this album is entitled “=,” pronounced “equals”. Sheeran is a multi-talented artist who knows how to deliver fans continual belters.

The lead single, “Bad Habits,” was released on June 25th, while the promotional single, “Visiting Hours,” was released on August 19th and “Shivers” on September 10th. Both “Bad Habits” and “Shivers” were UK chart-toppers.

“+” brought us the likes of A-team; With “×” we got Photograph, and “÷” brought us Perfect. Which “=” ballad will take over the world next?

Which album will become your new fall go-to? Hurry ASAP to your preferred streaming platform as November brings new releases from ABBA, Little Mix, and Taylor Swift, so stay tuned!

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