Why Disney Fans Need to Go See ‘Wish’!

The movie, ‘Wish’ is Disney’s latest animated film coming to theaters, in celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary. Here are some reasons why Disney fans should go see this film!

This is a musical fantasy film that revolves around a young teenage girl who pleads to the stars when she finds out something dark is coming to attack the Kingdom of Rosas. The theatrical date is November 22, 2022, and this is the next Disney movie that fans need to go to, let’s take a look at why!

Ariana Debose

The film stars Ariana Debose who voices the lead character, Asha, a 17-year-old girl who makes a wish upon a star to help save her kingdom after feeling a sense of darkness. Debose won an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her work in West Side Story and this is her first Disney animated movie, but her previous voice-over work, brilliant singing, and versatility will represent her character, perfectly!


Fans should be excited about the new songs premiering in the movie. The soundtrack features original songs from the film written by Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter, Julia Michaels and Grammy Award-winning producer Benjamin Rice. In addition, the songs are performed by voice cast members Ariana Debose, and Chris Pine, as well as Michaels herself. One of the breakout songs is “This Wish” by Julia Michaels which is sure to make you cry when you hear it. The song came together when she was first handed the plot of the film and became one of the first songs ever written for this.

Most Watched Trailer

The trailer for the movie dropped on September 27th and got a lot of attention for Disney’s 62nd animated film. The trailer has about 66.5 million views altogether and has set the record for Disney’s most-viewed trailer since Frozen II came out in 2020. This trailer became the most-viewed of the decade for the franchise and got many fans even more excited to see the movie when it comes out.


The reviews are finally in! Indiewire said, “As Disney celebrates its 100th year, Wish serves as a throwback to the past, a celebration of the present, and a gentle push into the future.” Deadline praised Debose for being “The film’s not-so-secret weapon” and “being effortlessly charming” as her character. The Wrap compares songs from the movie’s musical soundtrack to the likes of Encanto and The Lion King while saying it is “giving us some of the best Disney songs since Frozen.”

Legacy Nods

Fans need to be on the lookout during this movie because there are more than 100 Easter eggs, allusions, and nods to classic Disney films. Here are a few that we know for sure we’ll see!

When Asha wishes upon a star she gains the power to talk to animals, that’s a nod to Snow White and Pinocchio. Also when she interviews to become an apprentice to the sorcerer King Magnifico that’s a nod to Fantasia. There’s also a charming rabbit which is a nod to Bambi. This will hold Disney fans’ attention and to watch the movie multiple times!

Catch Disney’s Wish in theaters on November 22, 2023!

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