Why ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Is an Important Show

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has done so much for representation, women, education, and more. Here is why this show is so important to have on television. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend not only features its lead on a gigantic pretzel in the opening episode, but the show also came full circle by having Rebecca find her purpose in opening a pretzel shop, since, like a pretzel, life has many twists and turns within it, and can often come full circle. That’s why in honor of National Pretzel Day, we’re taking a look back on what made the show so special and important.

It’s Discussion of Mental Health

At its core, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was a show about mental health. It not only focused on some very deep and real aspects of mental health but showed how important it is to seek help and de-stigmatize discussions surrounding it. The lead character Rebecca lets you know from the get-go that “the situation’s a lot more nuanced than that” a theme that continues throughout the 4 seasons as the discussion around mental health goes from jokey to serious.

It’s Discussion of Women

Not only did Crazy Ex-Girlfriend break stigmas surrounding mental health, but it also broke stigmas surrounding “forbidden” topics. From UTIs, periods, childbirth, masturbation, and even bathroom usage. It’s one of the first times I’ve seen issues like these brought up in a show in such a real way, something that is so important for young girls to see so they can understand their bodies better. It also was never shy about pointing out the societal negatives that surround women.

Its Inclusion of Diversity

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend created diversity in such a real and normal way. The show featured leads that were from various races and religions, they were LGBTQ, different shapes and sizes, and different ages. It didn’t make a huge deal that these characters existed, they just did. The creator and star of the show, Rachel Bloom, explained simply that the reason she included so much diversity was because her show was set in southern California and it would be weird if they weren’t represented.

It Was Honest With Its Audience

When the show was dropping in ratings and they brought on a new straight white male lead, they didn’t shy away from that being the reason why. In fact, they created a whole song surrounding it. The show did this multiple times throughout its seasons, letting its audience know that they knew we weren’t stupid, but sometimes you have to do things for the network or the ratings.

It Normalized Sex

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend normalized discussions surrounding sex. Not just from a male standpoint but from a female one as well. It showed women being ok with their sexuality and urges and also talked about taboo subjects such as period sex, female masturbation, sex toys, porn, one-night stands, and more. It also didn’t treat women as sluts for enjoying sex or having multiple partners.

There are so many reasons this show is amazing, and if you haven’t watched it yet I encourage you to give it a chance. I want to personally thank Rachel Bloom and the entire team behind this show for what they’ve done for me and hopefully for television moving forward.

All 4 seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

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