Wholesome Moments Of The Rock That Will Make You Emotional!

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is known for his strong athletic abilities, his incredible acting, and, of course, his sweet relationship with his family.

If you didn’t know, The Rock is a huge family man. He puts them first above anything, and always showers them with love on his social media accounts whenever he gets the chance.

On the outside, The Rock may seem like this big strong guy but he’s a teddy bear at heart. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see his best moments with his family. You may even shed a tear or have a good laugh!

#6 Singing with his Mom

In the video above, The Rock and his mom sing a song in honor of his grandparents who passed away.

He goes on to write that he’s thankful he gets to share these moments with his mother and to have visited his grandparents after such a long time.

#5 Tia and Puppies


The Rock always loves to spend time with his daughters. He has posted countless videos of him spending time with them on his Instagram and we can’t help but keep replaying these videos!

He also follows through with whatever his daughter tells him. In this case, Tia told Dwayne to stay put with his blindfold for 20 minutes.

#4 Tia’s Mess

Dwayne is never shy to post videos of his family even if it’s a little messy.

Tia, sadly, spilled some uncooked spaghetti on the floor and denied ever doing the act. Even going as far as accusing a ‘Spaghetti Fairy’ of doing it.

Dwayne laughed and knew that at the end of it all, he would be the one stuck cleaning up the mess.

#3 Jaz’s Birthday

The Johnson family is full of talented singers!

The family gathered to celebrate Jaz’s fifth birthday with her grandma serenading her on the ukulele.

It’s no secret that The Rock can sing, if you doubt it just watch Moana!

#2 He’s not Maui

Dwayne and his daughter, Tia, engaged in a little singing session where he asked her the infamous question “Is daddy Maui?”

Tia gave a firm no and it isn’t the first time. She does not believe her dad voiced Maui even after hearing him sing ‘You’re Welcome’ from Moana multiple times.

Just take a look below!


And again.

And one more time because it’s absolutely hilarious!

#1 We Love You, Jimmy!

Mama Rock crashed The Rock’s interview and serenaded the host with a beautiful song while playing the ukulele.

BONUS: Some other great (and funny!) moments.

Cuteness overload!

Birthday songs!

The most wholesome!

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