Who Are “The Bad Batch”? – S7 E1 ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ Recap & Review

The Star Wars Clone Wars After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Disney+’s Star Wars Clone Wars.

Star Wars fans rejoiced on Friday for the return of the hit Clone Wars animated series for it’s seventh hand final season. Since audiences saw the first trailer for Season 7 at Star Wars Celebration there are many storylines we have eagerly awaited on seeing wrap up. One storyline being that of Squad 99 also referred to as “The Bad Batch”!
After Rex meets with the Jedi he is filled with survivor’s guilt at the lost of some of his brothers Hevy, Fives, and most notably Echo. The Separatist’s have been keying in on the Republic’s attack formations leading Rex to suspect Echo may indeed be alive.
Clone Force 99 arrives to help throw off the Separatists. The Bad Batch includes clones with favorable genetic mutations for battle. The Squad consists of:
Hunter, the leader who has heightened senses land looks like a cross between Daredevil and Rambo.
-Wrecker, the teams muscle who has super-strong abilities and yells “YEAH” a lot.
-Tech, a tech-genius who can slice nearly any door.
-Crosshair, a dead-eye sniper who literally has a target tattoo around his eye.
This group refers to the other clones as “regs”. The clones go into battle and take a Separatist bunker. Before leaving Rex discovers a signal from a neighboring moon Shako Minor that suggests Echo may indeed still be alive!
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