Where The Characters of Euphoria Would Go to College!

Have you ever wondered where Jules Vaughn or Nate Jacobs would go to college in real life? We got you! Read more to see the schools we think each of the Euphoria characters would attend!

Since the characters in Euphoria are getting towards the age where it’s time to leave high school behind it begs the question of where these characters would choose to go to college in real life. 

Here are our predictions: 

Jules: NYU

Jules can’t get enough of the city so it only makes sense that she would run away to New York for college. Jules’ obsession with city life is not surprising. NYU would be the perfect fit for her expressive personality and creativity. 

Rue: Community College

Rue has faced many obstacles in her life but the one thing that stays constant is her family. Rue’s love for her mom and sister would prevent her from going far away from home. Community college would make the most sense for Rue so she can be around her family as she faces her addiction. 

Nate: UCLA

Nate Jacobs is the classic jock. UCLA has a good football program and a good reputation which is important to Nate’s dad, who will seemingly play a large role in where Nate goes to college. Of course, the LA parties will just be another opportunity for Nate to continue his unhealthy habits. 

Maddie: University of Miami

Maddie is fearless. She isn’t afraid to leave home due to her dysfunctional family life. Maddie adopted a carefree lifestyle with the goal of marrying rich like the ladies who go to her mother’s salon. Maddie would fit in perfectly with the Miami lifestyle of partying. Miami is known to host some of the richest people in the world, leaving Maddie to multiple options when finding rich men.

Kat: Cornell

Kat is extremely smart. She has found unique ways to make money and even more unique ways to express herself, specifically in fashion. This wisdom will help her in deciding to go to the only Ivy League school that offers a fashion program.

Cassie: University of Florida

Cassie is experimenting with personal growth and will want to be on her own to discover more about herself. Her desire to be a free spirit will push her far away from home. This choice was a tough one because we haven’t seen too much of her in-depth in season one. Hopefully, season two will give us better insight into Cassie’s story.

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