What To Expect In ‘Arcane’ Season 2!

Netflix just dropped an official trailer for ‘Arcane’ season 2, and we can’t help but theorize what’s next!

In the 2nd teaser trailer for Arcane season 2, we see our Zaun citizen turn into Piltover enforcer Vi with Caitlyn and a new crew of original characters separate from the League of Legends universe!

Based on Vi’s uniform, we can assume that in this next season, she’ll be conflicted about casting aside her Zaun upbringing to help her team of enforcers accomplish what they’ve set out to do, which will likely intersect with Jinx’s story. However, with building threats in Zaun and Piltover’s elite left in shambles, the enforcers have their hands full. But what of the rest of the cast?

In the season 1 finale of Arcane, we saw Jinx fire a rocket at Piltover’s council room. A war was already brewing between Piltover and Zaun, and with this act, we can expect that conflict to be the main plot driver in season 2. On Jinx’s end, she can either turn inward and hide away from those who want her captured or dead, or she can turn outward and attempt to lead Zaun. Should the latter happen, we can expect a LOT of conflict within Zaun, with Singed and his project building, as well as Ekko and Heimerdinger’s shared efforts in helping the undercity. We can expect these paths to cross as Zaun struggles to survive.

Singed and his project are one of the few things teased in season 2 of Arcane, but what is his project, and how will it impact the next season? If you’ve played League of Legends, you’ll know that Singed’s project is the in-game champion Warwick, a person so chemically and mechanically deformed they are presented as a werewolf. Who is that person you ask? None other than the hound of Zaun, Vander. What role will Warick and Singed play in Zaun? In the lore of League of Legends, Warwick initially killed indiscriminately, leaving no survivors, until he narrowed down to pursuing criminals and “those already covered in the stench of blood.” It wouldn’t be farfetched to expect a gut-wrenching reunion between Warwick and his daughters Vi and Jinx.

And what of our technology-loving duo in the undercity? How will Ekko and Heimerdinger play a part in season 2? Both of their characters have yet to be fully explored, and it would be no surprise if they were fleshed out further in the next season. Will Ekko and Heimerdinger explore Hextech? Will Ekko create his time-warping Zero-drive and Heimerdinger his Hextech missiles, turrets, and grenades? Or will they turn to help Zaun, easing its suffering with their combined knowledge of technology?

As Hextech begins to rise in its importance, how will Viktor continue with his research? Will he realize his full mechanical body with Hextech? Or will he focus his efforts in helping Zaun? How will his and Jayce’s relationship change in season 2? Jayce seeks to improve humanity with technology, where Viktor seeks to improve the drawbacks of humanity itself. League of Legends fans are also theorizing Viktor’s creation of Blitzcrank, a hextech golem made to serve the people of Zaun, helping them deal with chemical spills, and messes only dangerous to humans.

In the first season, we saw that Mel, or Councilor Medarda, received a visit from their Noxian mother, Ambessa Medarda. Thus, we see a potential for the nation of Noxus to play a part in a war between Piltover and Zaun. If Noxus becomes a player in season 2, there are many characters that we could expect, like Swain, the Noxian grand general, who has played a part in tampering with Zaun. Noxus is known for its military presence, and if it gets its hands on Hextech weapons, it will undoubtedly play more of a role in season 2 than a side plot.

Arcane could truly take any direction they please with season 2, as there is an unbelievable amount of source material they can choose from in League of Legends. Even in both Zaun and Piltover, they’ve introduced less than half of the existing characters in the show than there is in the League of Legends lore. With the importance of Chemtech in the story of Arcane, it is likely that if more champions from the game were to be introduced, Dr. Mundo and Renata Glasc would be our top bets for new characters. After suffering through many experiments in an asylum, Dr. Mundo, who was once an enforcer, after many experiments and mistreatments, became a hulking, purple madman, confident that they are a doctor. He would then rampage in the asylum, “treating” his patients brutally. Renata Glasc is a ruthless businesswoman selling Chemtech-related products all over Zaun. With Arcane’s focus on Chemtech vs. Hextech, it would be no surprise if she appeared to either further the use of Chemtech as a weapon or provide the citizens of Zaun with an escape from Chemtech.

At the end of the day, we’re just excited that we’re getting a second season and, according to a Riot Games article, potentially more seasons beyond that. No matter what happens in season 2, we will be howling, crying, and laughing as our favorite characters are put through the wringer.

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