What the People Are Saying About Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City’!

With pastel scenes set in mid-century western America and a whimsical science fair at the heart of proceedings, does the auteur’s new release stack up to his classics?

The always-eccentric Wes Anderson has just released his latest adventure, Asteroid City. It’s a sci-fi epic set in the western U.S., smack-dab in the middle of the ‘50s. Pastels and symmetry abound. It just hit theaters nationwide this past weekend, so many thoughts are from superfans and the Cannes crowd. Even with that in mind, how is it stacking up to his untouchable filmography?

A given–flashy cast. Everyone from regular Anderson cohorts like Bill Murray to notable faces like Scarlett Johansson plays a role in this blockbuster. An ensemble means that no one really stands above the others, giving the film a unique vibe in modern cinema.

The Cannes crowd, however, found it a bit…flaky? 6.5-minute standing ovation notwithstanding, the consensus among those that were the first to see it seems to be that it fits right in with his past works.

For the common folk who aren’t Anderson diehards, though, this is a refreshing piece of retro pop flair.  It may not have the powerful draw factor of the latest Flash (and the unexpected Twitter leak that it recently had), but, coming from an Anderson fan who doesn’t mind viewing movies without expectations, it was a joy to see on the big screen this past weekend.

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