Upcoming Mattel Movies!

With the upcoming Barbie movie already being a global hit, Mattel Toys has announced other upcoming movies based on their toys and we’re taking a look at a few of them!

Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie has brought a lot of attention to the Mattel franchise. The company has had many projects like Barbie in the works for years, but with this movie bringing so much press to them, they’ve announced many more upcoming films. Here’s a list of some movies that are in the works right now!

Polly Pocket

The Polly Pocket movie has been in the works since 2021 and it’s said to star Lily Collins from Emily in Paris! The most we know about the plot of the movie is that it’s said to be about a young girl and a pocket-sized woman forming a friendship.


This new Uno movie is planned to be a mix of a comedy, action, and heist movie starring the rapper Lil Yachty and taking place in Atlanta.

Magic 8 Ball

As you could imagine, the Magic 8 Ball movie is going to be a horror, and Mattel has been wanting to create this movie for a long time now!

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A new Barney movie is in the works with a creative spin to the plot. The movie is said to be produced by Daniel Kaluuya and will be an A-24 film, intended for adults rather than children.

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Hot Wheels

Although we still don’t know much about this upcoming Hot Wheels movie, we know it will be a live-action adaptation.

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