Top A24 Films to Watch for Your Every Mood!

Commemorate your April 24th by binge-watching A24 films! Here is a list of top A24 films to treat your Sunday night!

Everything Everywhere All at Once

When you are feeling like you want a giggle out of you, Everything Everywhere All at Once is the one! Evelyn, a mother, a daughter taking care of her father, a wife struggling with her marriage, and a Chinese immigrant dealing with orders for her dry cleaner and laundromat business, portrays the relatable everyday struggle with completing her taxes. During the mundane task of having to sit through a long session with her IRS officer, she is suddenly sucked into the multiverse, abruptly told to save the world with her newfound abilities. Evelyn time travels to a strange interdimensional space experiencing different versions of herself from being a famous action actress to living with hot dog hands. Directed by The Daniels, Daniel Kwan, and Daniel Scheinert who also directed the film Swiss Army Man and the music video for “Turn Down for What,” yet again proved to their audience that action and comedy mesh perfectly!

Lady Bird

When you are on a journey of self-discovery, Lady Bird is the go-to coming-of-age film! Starring the Little Women co-stars Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet, the film loosely is based on the writer and director Greta Gerwig’s life. Christine, played by Ronan, is heading into senior year at her Catholic girls’ school and feeling rebellious, giving herself a chosen name, “Lady Bird.” Enduring through tensions with her parents and her family’s financial conflicts in a humanly but comedic way, Lady Bird dreams of leaving her hometown in Sacramento.


When you are missing home, Minari can give you a taste of home and make it slightly bearable being away from family. The award-winning film follows a story about a Korean-American immigrant setting off on their new farm business in Arkansas in hopes of staking out a better life. Portraying the struggles through the language barriers, director Lee Isaac Chung bases the film on his life growing up with immigrant parents. In the film, each individual family member’s encounters dealing with the wall of the cultural barrier.

The Spectacular Now

Whenever you want to reminisce about a nostalgic teenage romance, The Spectacular Now could throwback to the good old days. Watching the awkward but cute exchanges between a shy introverted “good girl,” played by Shailene Woodley, and a popular party animal, starring Miles Teller, blooming into an unexpected relationship is somewhat familiar.


If you want to get the shivers and feel a rush of endorphins from fear, A24’s slasher film X would be on your list! Starring Jenna Ortega from Netflix show You and HBOMax film The Fallout, along with Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow, they are a part of a crew shooting an adult film in the suburbs of Texas. But the farmhouse they choose is under the host of an eerily elderly couple. Would they be able to escape the deadly consequences?

Marcel the Shell with the Shoes On

As summer approaches, A24 will also be coming up with their animated mockumentary film, Marcel the Shell with the Shoes On. Starting off as a mini YouTube series, it is now coming to the big screen. Fun fact, Jenny Slate, who plays “Big Nose” in Everything Everywhere All at Once, is playing the voice of the lead, Marcel!

We can’t wait for A24 to release more hit films to add to our list!

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