Top 5 Characters We Love So Far On CW’s ‘In The Dark’

Perry Mattfield, Casey Dedrick, Keston John, Brooke Markham and Morgan Krantz star in the CW’s ‘In the Dark’ bringing a new storyline to the small screen.

Each week we are going to take a closer look at all the different parts that make up the popular tv show, In the Dark. We will take a closer look at all the characters, actors, what the cast is up to to now, jaw dropping moments, important episodes, what’s to come in season 3, and more!

The CW show In the Dark has taken newcomers by storm. While the second season was released a little while ago, it’s becoming one of Netflix’s top shows and people are obsessing over it (myself included).

Murphy Mason

This show is one of the first of its kind! The main character is a woman who is blind but she doesn’t let anything hold her back, no matter how crazy it might be. Perry Mattfeld plays Murphy Mason, a 20 something who becomes blind after her eyesight deteriorated during her childhood. Now she is far from put together as she sleeps with random guys and gets drunk almost every night but that all changes when she believes she found her best friend, Tyson Parker, dead in the alley behind her apartment where they usually hang out. It becomes her mission to figure out where his body is and who killed him.

Jess Damon

The show focuses on more than just Murphy but also her best friend Jess, who she has known since elementary. Jess is not only her roommate and co-worker but helps her find out who killed Tyson. This whole situation is outside both of their comfort zones but especially Jess’s. She is a goody two shoes who follows all the laws and doesn’t do anything illegal. That was working out well until Murphy convinced her to help figure out who killed Tyson. I feel like I can relate the most to Jess and how she feels as this would all be way too far outside my comfort zone as well.

Felix Bell

Felix is their bossy and annoying coworker at Guiding Hope (a non-profit that gives people who are blind a dog to help them be a bit more independent). He desperately wanted to fit in but the way he treats Murphy made it hard for her to be nice to him. Most of the time she was hurling insults his way until he took over the company from her parents. It was a money hole business but Felix had a trust fund and decided to use all his money and save Guiding Hope. While he and Murphy still had their arguments they became friends as he reluctantly also helped in the search for Tyson’s murder and a massive drug deal.

Darnell James

Darnell James is one of the top members of a drug cartel here in Chicago, He and Tyson are cousins and the reason that he meets Murphy. Darnell was there to keep Tyson and others that worked for the carel in line, along with cleaning money and getting the large shipments of heroin. Murphy originally goes to Darnell when she believes Tyson was killed but he tries to tell her that he just went away with a girl for the weekend and to keep the cops out of it. Murphy being her stubborn self doesn’t listen and tries to show Darnell that he is dead and have him help figure out who murdered him.

Max Parrish

This all leads to my favorite character, Max Parrish! He works with Darnell by cleaning his money with his food truck. One day when Murphy was trying to talk to Darnell, who didn’t want to hear any more from Murphy, they met at Max’s food truck. While Darnell didn’t give her the information she was hoping for, Max, a VERY attractive man, said that he would give her Tyson mom’s address if she went out on a date with him. Murphy reluctantly agreed as she would do anything for more information about Tyson.

This turns into her first relationship, that doesn’t go so smoothly, they break up multiple times because Murphy has never been in a relationship. A relationship isn’t something Murphy is used to as she has been more into hookups her entire adult life, but with some trial and a lot of error they find a grove for a little while…

This is just the beginning of what takes place over the first two seasons of In the Dark. Make sure you binge the show if you haven’t already as there is so much more to discuss!

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